The All New Foundations A-Z Explore Zone

Self-Paced Independent Foundational Skills Practice

Invite students to the all new Explore Zone in the Foundations planet area of the student portal. Here, students can unlock levels, complete missions, and earn bonuses as they practice their foundational reading skills in a fun, independent practice area.

Students can watch videos, play games, and read grade-level books to reinforce foundational skills and progress at their own pace. As students complete activities to unlock new levels, they follow the path to engage with more advanced practice activities, engaging in systematic, research-based best practices.

The Explore Zone helps students learn foundational reading skills in a fun and engaging environment. As students complete different activities, they’ll earn bonuses and unlock new levels to explore other missions and worlds, making reading feel more like fun!

Teachers can reclaim precious, limited time by encouraging students to dive into the Explore Zone. As students complete activities, read books, and more, teachers will regain the time to focus on instruction, planning, and supporting students as they learn in a fun and engaging way.

Learn more about Foundations A-Z and start your free trial today.

[MUSIC] >> What if students could independently practice explicit foundational skills in alignment with the Science of Reading, while saving teachers time? Experience the new Explore Zone in the Student Portal! Dive into the Explore Zone: Unlock new levels, explore new missions, earn stars and bonuses by engaging with videos, playing games, and reading books that offer systematic practice in alignment with the Science of Reading. Enhance research-based independent practice time and give teachers time back for planning and group work. Learn more at LearningA- today. [MUSIC]


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Science of Reading-aligned instruction helps educators strengthen foundational literacy skills and boost reading proficiency for all students.
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