Reading Motivation in English Language Learners Using Raz-Plus

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About this Research

About This Research

This peer-reviewed academic article examined whether reading eBooks from Raz-Plus and using Raz-Plus lessons to improve reading had an effect on the motivation to read in fifth-grade students in Turkey. By targeting students who are not native English speakers, this study broadens the settings in which Raz-Plus has been evaluated.

Main Findings

Student motivation to read increased during the study by 20 to 38 points on average (out of a possible 44 points) as measured by the Motivation for Reading Questionnaire. Qualitative data from interviews with students support the finding that students experienced higher engagement and motivation for reading.


Participants were 24 fifth-grade students in Istanbul, Turkey taking courses in English as a foreign language.

Study Design and Procedures

This study used a single-group pre- and posttest design. Participants read a total of six eBooks from Raz-Plus over a three-week period. Students also completed select sections of the accompanying book lessons in a group setting. Motivation to read was measured before and after the study using an adapted form of the Motivation for Reading Questionnaire (MRQ) and student interviews.


Gülsen, E., & Mede, E. (2017). Efficacy of multi-level extensive reading in young learners’ reading motivation. International Online Journal of Education and Teaching, 4(4), 290-315.

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