Make The Greatest Impact by Building Capacity

Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your Learning A–Z implementation by developing your own team of product experts and trainers. The Learning A–Z Train-the-Trainer service provides a full-service professional learning solution. Our experts work with you to design a plan that addresses your unique needs. We then deliver in-depth training for your identified instructional leaders to build capacity and ensure they have the skills, strategies, and resources they need to deliver efficient, turnkey training and support for your teachers.

Your Professional Learning Solution

Our Train-the-Trainer professional learning package includes the following materials and services to empower your instructional leaders for success:

  • Five Consultation Sessions for planning, check-ins, data reviews, and related support to optimize your professional learning efforts
  • Three Days of On-Site Professional Learning to help your instructional leaders develop expertise in Learning A-Z resources and strategies for successful teacher training
  • A Professional Learning Plan to help you achieve your specific goals and objectives
  • Supporting Resources for your leaders to use in their turnkey sessions, including a presentation, agenda, support documents, and more

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