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Data Literacy Workshop

We Believe That Supported Teachers Make the Greatest Impact in the Classroom

Customized Workshops are ideal for customers who want to dig deeper or who are using multiple products. These workshops are offered as full day or multiday sessions, or as a collection of shorter breakouts over the course of one day. Facilitated by a Learning A–Z professional learning expert, these workshops are delivered at your location in a highly engaging, hands-on, and collaborative format.

  • Workshops provide interactive, hands-on professional learning using computers or mobile devices.
  • Meaningful collaboration engages educators in applying Learning A–Z resources to instructional best practices.
  • Content can be customized to address any part of the instructional cycle, based on your identified needs.
  • Multiple formats provide flexibility to fit your unique needs and schedule.

Sample Workshop

  • Build Vocabulary Knowledge with Raz-Plus and Vocabulary A–Z
  • Support English Learners with Raz-Plus ELL
  • Build Background Knowledge with Raz-Plus and Science A–Z
  • Tailor Small-Group Instruction and Personalize Independent Practice with Raz-Plus

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