Discover Our Top 10 Spanish Literacy Resources in Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z

5,000+ Spanish Resources for Literacy Instruction

Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z are known for their extensive collections of English literacy resources. But did you know they also include more than 5,000 Spanish resources? These authentic and translated leveled books, reading resources, and ancillaries in Spanish are perfect for supporting dual-language, bilingual, and immersion classrooms. In addition, all Spanish texts are leveled using our proprietary Spanish Text Leveling System, which carefully analyzes text based on Spanish language structure, vocabulary, and syntax.

Check out 10 of the most popular Spanish resources to start using right now:


1. Spanish Leveled Books

Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z offer more than 1,000 Spanish Leveled Books at 29 levels of complexity to help you differentiate learning in independent, small-group, and whole-class settings. Translated from the corresponding English text, these resources are great for supporting dual-language and bilingual instruction, and for building Spanish literacy skills.

Spanish Leveled Books include support resources to encourage emerging bilingual listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. These beautiful digital books come complete with tips and strategies for teaching important Spanish foundational, vocabulary, and grammar skills.

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Authentic Spanish Book on Computer

2. Multilevel Authentic Spanish Books

The Authentic Spanish Book Series features texts written in Spanish by Spanish-speaking authors. Built around valuable central themes reflecting Spanish-language countries and cultures, these books are each available at several different levels of difficulty. Multilevel texts enable differentiated reading instruction and flexible approaches, while the authentic Spanish content facilitates and encourages multicultural understanding. Currently the Authentic Spanish Book Series includes biographies, books about life in Latin America and Spain, and myths and legends. 

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3. Spanish Benchmark Passages

When you’re working to identify your students’ instructional reading levels, or assessing their readiness for advancing to the next level, use these short passages written in authentic Spanish as a step in the three-step process. You can record the student’s reading behavior, then score the recordings using our online running record tool, and reward progress with Student Incentives like badges and avatars. Assign new reading material from our huge collection of Spanish Leveled Books.

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4. Spanish Close Reading Packs

These resources teach close reading and 21st century skills by requiring students to read passages multiple times for specific purposes. To deepen comprehension and reveal layers of meaning within each text, students are encouraged to think critically, respond to meaningful questions, and engage in discussion. These close reading packs also promote collaboration, as students work together to communicate answers to an overarching Key Question. Teachers can create cross-textual connections with corresponding Leveled Books, adding to the powerful tools these packs provide.

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5. Spanish Songs & Rhymes

These authentic Spanish books support fluency and comprehension through traditional songs, poems, games, and rhymes. Originally written in Spanish by native speakers, these colorful, beautifully illustrated books motivate listening, reading, and singing along. Your students will love the way these stories and songs activate all their senses and inspire them to imagine, create, and join in activities.

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6. Spanish Foundational Skills

Help your students learn high-frequency words, letter formation, and other foundational skills with these books, flashcards, games, assessments, practice sheets, and accompanying resources. These materials help teach students some of the most crucial steps in learning to read Spanish, including recognizing letters of the alphabet, attaching sounds to letters, learning to write, memorizing sight words, and even writing in cursive. All these skills build and improve Spanish reading abilities.

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7. Spanish Summer School Theme Packs

Adaptable to any Spanish dual-language or bilingual summer school setting, our Spanish Summer School Theme Packs provide teachers with materials to deliver skill-based, differentiated instruction. Focusing on specific themes and targeted to comprehension skills, the lesson plans are organized into 5-day sessions. Students can collaborate in large or small groups or work individually to formulate answers to each them pack’s Key Question. We’ve strategically created our weekly plans to maximize student learning.

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8. Spanish Math Books

Want to save time while improving reading skills? Try combining your math curriculum with Spanish literacy instruction! Our Spanish translated books bring together math and literacy in focused collections handpicked by our in-house editors. Your students will be honing their Spanish comprehension skills while they work their way through math problems in Spanish.

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9. Spanish Reading Graphic Organizers

With support for all subject areas, abilities, and learning levels, our Spanish graphic organizers help students make cognitive connections between old and new information. Collections for primary (grades K-2) and intermediate (grades 3-6) are arranged according to the reading strategies, comprehension skills, and learning processes they best facilitate. Most organizers can be adapted for use in bilingual, dual-language, or Spanish immersion classrooms, to help students effectively sort, categorize, analyze and review chunks of information, resulting in improved comprehension.

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10. Spanish Serial Books

Your students will find their favorite familiar characters in our Spanish Fiction Series. Predictable formats for new adventures act as ideal tools for reading new information or making text-to-text connections. When students return to their favorite series, their increased engagement means close reading comes naturally. A beloved character or repeated setting captures their imagination, making tasks easier and providing support for readers who tend to struggle with deeper explorations of texts. With dozens of books for all reading levels, our serial books are a wonderful tool for reading instruction.

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Try these resources with your students!

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