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Tiara Smith

By Tiara Smith, Copywriter & Content Strategist

No matter what subject you teach, the quality of classroom instruction tends to depend on the instructional strategies put in place and the corresponding teaching resources used to achieve the desired result. In a broad sense, teaching resources are defined as the materials educators use to facilitate learning and aid in student acquisition of content area knowledge. As you can imagine, this concept applies to a wide range of materials, but it can be difficult to know which resources or sources of said resources you can trust. Here at Learning A-Z, it is our mission to provide you with high-quality teaching resources and educational solutions to help you become an even more effective educator. Within this article we will take a deep dive into the varying resources we offer and how they can help you become an even more effective educator.

Flexible Teaching Resources

Learning A-Z has created resources that allow educators to create their own resources. One solution that does this, for example, is Foundations A-Z. Though most resources only allow you to follow a set educational path, Foundations A-Z gives educators the power of choice. Upon acquiring a cost-effective annual subscription, teachers are able to select one of two easy-to-use paths to guide them on their journey to sound foundational skills instruction. The first path, Follow Our Path, offers support that follows a set scope and sequence, units, modules, and lessons to be followed in order. Using this step-by-step approach, teachers are able to easily transition to explicit instruction with the added convenience of built-in flexibility. The second path, Choose Your Own Path, truly allows teachers to pave their own way. This path allows teachers to start with their own scope and sequence or their own existing curriculum and allows them to then access any grade-level lesson or resource to assign it to individual students, small groups, or their whole class. This element of choice truly allows teachers to be the authors of their instructional approach, making it easier for them to select the path that best suits their students needs, and hence, become even more effective in classroom instruction.

In addition, Learning A-Z offers teachers the ability to use student reporting to inform future instruction. Within products such as Foundations A-Z or Raz-Plus, you will find valuable reporting that allows teachers to view progress for an individual student, a small group, or the entire classroom. The sky is the limit for teachers with reporting resources such as this, as it allows them to tailor their teaching methods to the gaps in understanding and personalize instructional methods to meet student needs.

Free Teaching Resources

There is a plethora of free teaching resources out there, but many fall short as it relates to being of sound quality. To remedy this, Learning A-Z offers a plethora of free resources created by experts in varying fields. Each of our trusted products offers a free trial to allow you to experience it first-hand in your classroom. Included in the variety of solutions we offer are educational materials, lesson plans, interactive activities, and more. Select from the list of helpful solutions below to sign up for a free 14-day trial!

Teacher Resource Center

Learning A-Z also offers program guides that are similar to that of a teacher resource center. Within these guides, teachers will find product overviews, information about the data behind the product, FAQs, and a method to contact our knowledgeable customer support team. Take a look at the guide below to get a feel for this type of resource.

Join the Conversation With Teachers Everywhere

As educators, we can all agree that the world of education is better when we work together! As you discover high-quality teaching resources from sources you can trust, we’d love to hear of what you find. Help your fellow teachers refine their collection of teaching resources by connecting with us on any of our social media platforms and adding your findings to the comments section!

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