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A New Way for Students to Access Scientific Content at School or at Home

Science A-Z provides award-winning multilevel content and hands-on activities that integrate science and reading across four comprehensive science domains: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Process Science.

To enhance the school-to-home experience, many of Science A-Z’s core unit resources are available in online and mobile formats students can access anytime, anywhere. Let’s take a look at the digital Science A-Z resources available to students on our interactive Kids A-Z eLearning portal.

Science A-Z Unit Nonfiction Book

Unit Nonfiction Books

Unit Nonfiction Books serve as a springboard into deeper understanding of a unit's core concepts. Each eBook comes with a corresponding eQuiz to assess comprehension, and interactive eTools allow students to make annotations, take notes, and journal new words.

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Science A-Z FOCUS Book


FOCUS Books provide additional content on high-interest topics related to the instructional unit. FOCUS Books are available as eBooks with word journals for students to document new scientific vocabulary terms. Each eBook is accompanied by a corresponding eQuiz.

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Science A-Z Quick Reads resource

Quick Reads

Quick Reads are 1-page resources that cover a specific unit topic and allow students to dig deeper into core science ideas and crosscutting science concepts.

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Science A-Z I.Files


I.Files support collaboration and close reading by providing in-depth science content and include features of informational text such as graphs, maps, and photographs.

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Science A-Z Career Files

Career Files

Career Files show students how unit concepts and ideas relate to real-world jobs in STEM fields. Each Career File explains various levels of skills, training, and education required in many science and engineering careers.

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Science A-Z Science Diagrams

Science Diagrams

Science Diagrams highlight and model important, sometimes complex science concepts and help students visualize different patterns, systems, cycles, scale, structures, and functions.

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Science A-Z Science Videos

Science Videos

Science videos extend core science concepts, show science in action, or take students on a virtual field trip to help them visualize ideas covered in other Science A-Z unit resources.

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