Places People Live

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Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z offer projectable or printable books—also assignable in Raz-Plus!—such as Placed People Live, an informational (nonfiction) book with 174 words, Level G (Grade 1), and Lexile 230L.

Places People Live

Written by Ned Jensen

People live in many different places.
They live where it is cold.
They live where it is hot.

They live where it is dry.
They live where it is wet.

Some people like to live high up.
A few people live way high up.

Some people live down low.
Some people even live below the ground.

People live in many different kinds of houses.
They live in houses made of stone.
They live in houses made of grass.

They live in houses made of sticks.
They live in houses made of glass.
People even live in houses made of ice.

Some people live high above the ground.
Some people live deep below the water.

Some people live in the ground.
Some people build homes in caves or on cliffs.

Some people live in houses that move.
Some houses are on wheels.
And some float on the water.

Houses can be strange.
They can have strange shapes.
They can be made of strange things.
But no matter what it is, a house is a home.

In Places People Live, readers learn about some of the different and unusual places people choose to call home. Photos accompany the text, proving that these amazing homes really do exist! Many teachers supplement science, history, and social studies lessons with informational text from Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z. 

Places People Live

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