Experience Raz-Plus: Part 3

How to Inform Future Instruction with Student Reports

In our Experience Raz-Plus series, we show you what it’s like to use Raz-Plus as a teacher and a student to demonstrate the many different ways that Raz-Plus can strengthen the connection between what is being taught and what students practice. In Part 3, you are back in the shoes of a teacher using Raz-Plus assessments and reports to inform future instruction.

Evaluating Whole Class Progress

With Raz-Plus, you can view your entire class’ progress by accessing Reports. Clicking on the Raz-Plus tab, you see a dashboard where you can immediately view the various reading levels for your class, the top comprehension skills your students are mastering, as well as the skills that might need more instruction. You want to dig deeper into these comprehension skills, so you click on the Skill Report link. The Skill Report condenses data from each student’s individual eQuiz results to create a graph depicting the whole class’ skill development. There you see what percentages of students are acquiring particular skills or where most students are falling behind.

You notice that 50% of your students are missing questions related to the comprehension skill “making inferences,” so you determine that your next lesson will include some resources that help re-teach that skill.

You return to the Raz-Plus homepage and type “make inferences” into the Search bar and view multiple results for eBooks and activities that guide students in practicing this skill. You choose some of the resources that catch your eye and use them for the next day’s mini-lesson on making inferences.

Noticing Individual Achievements

Now that you have an idea how your classroom is doing as a whole, you want to check who is mastering the skill and who might need some more practice. You see your student Adam, from  Part 2, struggling in the “Make Inference Skill Report.” It makes you wonder what other skills he needs help with, so you click on Adam’s name.

On Adam’s individual comprehension skills report, which shows his accuracy of comprehension skills directly correlated to the eQuiz questions, you see a list of skills with low accuracy: author purpose, and main idea and details. You also see the skills he’s mastering with ease, like cause and effect and compare and contrast. You find some books for Adam to practice the skills he needs help with and assign them to him individually. You also send him an encouraging message through your Student Management portal and plan to work with him one-on-one to address some skills he can improve.

Next, you make a point to check on some of your reluctant readers and see that their individual scores improved slightly since their last quizzes. You send them an audio message by clicking on the "Send Message" button, and you choose to send bonus stars to reinforce positive behavior.

Once you’ve easily assigned all the resources to help your students, you sign out of your account and call an end to another successful day teaching with Raz-Plus.

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