Doing the Right Thing

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Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z offer projectable or printable books—also assignable in Raz-Plus!—such as Doing the Right Thing, a fantasy (fiction) book with 145 words, Level G (Grade 1), and Lexile 410L.

Doing the Right Thing

Written by Iva Valentino, Illustrated by Karl West

Sometimes you see someone do something wrong. Then you have to decide what to do.

What is the right thing to do? It isn't always easy to know. Doing the right thing isn't always easy, either.

Ms. Jones's class is taking a test. Maria sees Lily looking at Sam's answers.

Lily is cheating, and cheating isn't fair to others. What should Maria do?

She might decide to do nothing. She might decide to tell Sam.

She might decide to tell Ms. Jones. Lily is Maria's friend. She doesn't want Lily to get in trouble.

Maria knows cheating isn't fair, though. She decides to tell Ms. Jones.

Ms. Jones talks with Lily. She explains to Lily why cheating isn't fair.

Then it's time for lunch. Lily sees Sam take a cookie from Maria's bag.

He is stealing, and stealing isn't fair to others. What should Lily do?

Doing the Right Thing uses real-life situations and fictional characters to help students think through difficult decisions about what is right and what is wrong. This fictional book can be used to teach students how to determine the main idea and supporting details as well as how to identify interrogative sentences. Many teachers supplement science, history, and social studies lessons with informational text from Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z. 

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