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Tiara Smith

By Tiara Smith, Copywriter & Content Strategist

Are you feeling a little lost when it comes to delivering writing instruction in your classroom? You are not alone. In fact, it was reported by “The Confident Teacher” that only 69% of students met the expected writing standard in September of 2022, which represents a 78% decline from 2019. This alarming statistic is a detailed depiction of the fact that teachers encounter several issues with regard to writing instruction including a lack of time for writing instruction, a lack of training due to the heavy focus on reading instruction, and a lack of access to quality teaching resources. Here at Learning A-Z, it is our priority to provide students and teachers with all of the resources they need to address all aspects of the literacy equation, including writing instruction, which is why we created Writing A-Z. Designed to be the perfect companion for writing instruction, Writing A-Z addresses all contributions to writing instruction from professional development to equipping educators with research-based resources to elevate instruction. Within this article we’d like to demonstrate how the professional development found within Writing A-Z has the power to completely transform writing instruction and increase both comfort and confidence when delivering writing instruction.

Professional Development When & Where you Need it

We understand that educators are often quite busy and have to remain flexible to fit important things such as professional development in their days, which is why Writing A-Z offers PD that is extremely flexible! With Writing A-Z, you’ll gain access to professional development in a variety of easily digestible formats including:

Learning From the Experts

Explore a library of brief videos where literacy field experts provide an approachable deep dive into pedagogical best practices to equip teachers with the knowledge and confidence to approach classroom instruction with a new perspective.

Put Into Practice Videos

As you learn about the data behind research-based instruction, the Put Into Practice videos provide brief session led literacy coaches to offer the best pedagogical best practices and strategies to implement in the classroom.

Listen & Learn Audio

Enjoy podcast-like episodes that explore a variety of topics that educators face when delivering writing instruction.

Outside of providing a wide variety of content formats informed by experts, the professional development included in Writing A-Z also ensures that each audio recording or video is brief, yet detailed to make it easy to fit in an educator’s busy schedule.

Easy to Find, Easy to Learn

With Writing A-Z, the hassle of searching and sorting through professional development resources to find what you need is a thing of the past. As teachers plan for each lesson, they will be provided with corresponding professional development resources that are organized by module, helping teachers build the confidence necessary to successfully deliver instruction and develop proficient writers. Once the professional development lesson is complete, teachers will be provided with engaging, thought-provoking questions to further understanding and demonstrate learning.

Creating a Collaborative, Educational Atmosphere

With Writing A-Z, educators have the power to solidify bonds with their co-workers and provide new schools of thought while learning together. As they watch the embedded professional development videos together, they’ll be given the opportunity to discuss what they’ve learned, how they plan to implement it in their classroom, and learn from their fellow educators.

Prioritize Writing Instruction With Writing A-Z

Writing A-Z is the perfect companion to help educators gain the confidence to deliver research-based writing instruction. Equipped with content in various formats that perfectly fit even the busiest schedule, Writing A-Z truly helps teachers prioritize writing instruction and feel informed even when reading instruction tends to be the focus.

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