Vocabulary A-Z 5-Day Lesson Plan

Are you looking for a better way to deliver vocabulary instruction that engages students in understanding context and meaning? With Vocabulary A-Z, you can create your own custom word list and immediately generate a downloadable, printable 5-day lesson plan that includes materials and activities.

How to Create and Use Your 5-Day Lesson Plan

Vocabulary A-Z contains a database of over 14,000 words that you can search according to part of speech, function, and grade level to create a custom word list. After you create a word list specific to your classroom’s needs, Vocabulary A-Z generates a 5-day teaching plan that helps students interact with the various meanings and contexts of the words on your list. The 5-day lesson plan follows a research-proven pattern that immediately captures students’ interest and maintains their focus throughout each lesson. While the content of each lesson plan will differ according to your custom word list, each plan is structured to help students experience new words and concepts in meaningful ways.

Day 1: Introduce Target Vocabulary in Context

This introductory lesson consists of a concept web, a words in context sheet, and a word smart graphic organizer. In this first lesson, students familiarize themselves with new vocabulary through graphic organizers that activate their prior knowledge and encourage them to say the words out loud.

Day 2: Use Vocabulary in Context and Reinforce Meaning

This lesson consists of word cards, definition cards, analogies and cloze sentence activity sheets. Students experiment with understanding the new words in different ways by matching them with their definitions and sorting words according to parts of speech. For at-home practice, the cloze sentence worksheet challenges students to use the words in context.

Day 3: Introduce and Apply Word-Attack Skills

Start the lesson with a review of the cloze activity students completed at home, and then students continue targeted practice by writing the words in their own sentences. Students maintain focused practice with playing one of the word games included in the lesson plan that encourages them to connect word definitions and functions.

Day 4: Review and Apply Words

In this lesson, students build upon their knowledge of word definitions and functions. Students will use the concept completion worksheet to apply what they know about the vocabulary words to complete unfinished sentences. This lesson reinforces word meanings in context and encourages student discussion about words and their definitions.

Day 5: Assess

Begin class by reviewing the concept completion worksheet from Day 4, and then students will complete a multiple choice assessment. To solidify students’ understandings of this set of words, allow students to play another vocabulary game from the Day 3 lesson.

How You Can Contribute to Vocabulary A-Z

In addition to generating 5-day lesson plans and corresponding materials based on your students’ learning needs, Vocabulary A-Z also allows teachers to take part in building our word database. You can add words that are not in our database by using the Add New Word feature on the Vocabulary A-Z main product page.

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