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Vocabulary A-Z Makes Vocabulary, Spelling, and Phonics Instruction Easy

Word Lists, Lessons, and Tools to Teach Vocabulary, Spelling, and Phonics in Context

Based on well-established research, Vocabulary A-Z is designed to teach words based on context and meaning. With premade and customizable word lists and lessons, online student practice, and reporting tools to monitor student progress, Vocabulary A-Z delivers a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for K-5 teachers to provide effective, differentiated vocabulary, spelling, and phonics instruction and practice.

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Premade Lessons

Choose from a collection of premade vocabulary, spelling, and phonics lessons and word lists that make it easy to connect instruction to:

  • Current topics of study
  • Reading series texts
  • Raz-Plus / Reading A-Z leveled books
  • Science A-Z units
  • ELL Edition resources

By combining Vocabulary A-Z with Learning A-Z products for reading, English language learners (ELL) and/or science literacy, teachers can quickly integrate vocabulary, spelling, and phonics into reading lessons and assign practice in multiple modalities, including games.

Customizable Words Lists and Lessons

Create custom word lists and lessons quickly and easily. Choose from an extensive collection of vocabulary words categorized by function of language, content type, and level of difficulty. Or select words from special premade word lists, which include many of the vocabulary words frequently taught in K-5 classrooms. These special lists include:

  • Dolch Sight Words (K-3)
  • Fry: 1,000 Most Frequently Used Words List
  • High-Frequency Words
  • Marzano Words List (K-6)
  • Spache Words List
  • And more...

5-Day Lesson Plans

Instantly generate a printable 5-day lesson plan, which provides the staggered strategies students need to learn and retain vocabulary words each week.

  • Day 1: Introduce Target Vocabulary in Context
  • Day 2: Use Vocabulary in Context and Reinforce Meaning
  • Day 3: Introduce and Apply Word-Attack Skills
  • Day 4: Review and Apply Words
  • Day 5: Assess

Online Assignments

Assign differentiated vocabulary, spelling, and phonics lessons to students for online independent practice. Online game-based activities and quizzes dynamically incorporate assigned word lists and make learning fun. With online access through any computer and the free Kids A-Z mobile app, students can practice anywhere.

Reporting That Informs Instruction

Beyond providing engaging practice that aligns with classroom instruction and reading, student practice activities provide data and insights about student activity and assignments.


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