Learning A-Z Support your Science of Reading-aligned classroom with high-quality printable, projectable, and assignable resources, including student practice. https://www.learninga-z.com/user_area/content_media/raw/Raz-Pluswhite.png?bgcolor=berry https://www.learninga-z.com/user_area/content_media/raw/Raz-Pluswhite.png?bgcolor=berry https://www.raz-plus.com/ Raz-Plus Raz-Plus
Raz-Plus is a resource I use daily and what makes me happiest is the ease with which I can find materials. With Raz-Plus, my students have improved their reading skills while being exposed to new and unfamiliar topics. I love being able to use the Books By Skill chart, which allows my students to work in small groups on the same skill but at their individual levels.
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Strengthen Literacy With Learning A-Z

Three flexible K–5 solutions to help you create confident readers.

Add Even More to Your Literacy Toolkit

Expand your Raz-Plus license with add-ons that seamlessly integrate to give you even more literacy resources. Find the right add-on for your classroom.

Raz-Plus Espanol

Empower Dual-Language Educators

Raz-Plus Español has hundreds of flexible Spanish resources to help Dual Language students achieve biliteracy. Learn More.

Raz-Plus ELL

Help ELL Students at Every Level

Raz-Plus ELL provides research-based resources for teaching English language learners. Learn More.

Raz-Plus Connected Classroom

Create Personalized Learning Pathways

Raz-Plus Connected Classroom delivers resources and tools to accelerate and personalize learning. Learn More.

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