Raz-Plus Connected Classroom Features

Student-Centered Learning Paths for Differentiated Instruction

The core of Raz-Plus Connected Classroom is a series of research-based teaching practices, which are aligned to national standards. Integrating these practices into instruction, whether in a distance learning environment, traditional school, or a hybrid model, will help accelerate student learning, fill in learning gaps, and foster social-emotional development.

Raz-Plus Connected Classroom resources

Student Self-Evaluation

Automatically populate digital assignments based upon student responses, while providing baseline data upon which to further build students’ personalized learning pathways.

Instructional Goal Sets

Provide a series of research-based practices, organized into seven Instructional Goals, to help accelerate student learning, fill in learning gaps, and foster social-emotional development.

Lesson Guides

Help teachers scaffold instruction so all students can access grade-level texts with clearly identified teacher actions that positively impact academic growth.

Standards-Aligned Resources

Correlate program instruction and practice to standards outlined by NAEP, NWEA, SAP, and CCSS.

Close-Read Questions

Allow students to encounter text-dependent questions about Close Reading Passages, and practice analyzing, evaluating, and thinking critically about a given text.

Interactive Practice Opportunities

Provide interactive practice opportunities (Interactivities) for students to address text-dependent questions, constructed responses, and vocabulary.


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