The Learning A-Z Virtual Writing Summit Presents:

The Writing Rope:

A Framework for Explicit Writing Instruction

Featuring Joan Sedita, Founder of Keys to Literacy and author and creator of The Writing Rope, and the Keys to Literacy Team


On-Demand Series

Discover the major components of skilled writing that are essential to elementary writing instruction.­

So much has been researched and shared with regards to reading instruction and the Science of Reading. This work is important and necessary, however, reading instruction alone may not be enough to nurture literacy proficiency. When paired with reading instruction, writing instruction is a critical component to developing comprehensive literacy proficiency while nurturing successful readers and writers with sound comprehension skills.

Check out this on-demand series to explore:

  • The five instructional components for skilled writing represented by the strands in The Writing Rope
  • The connection between reading and writing
  • Evidence-based instructional practices for teaching foundational writing skills
  • How to start young children on the path to writing proficiency
  • How to strengthen students’ writing abilities to use more sophisticated sentences and quality paragraphs

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  • The Writing Rope: A Framework for Explicit Writing Instruction with Joan Sedita, founder of Keys to Literacy and the creator and author of The Writing Rope.
  • Instructional Suggestions to Support Sentence and Paragraph Writing led by Lisa Klein, Keys to Literacy Vice President.
  • First Steps for Beginning Writing: Drawing, Labels, Lists for Kindergarten and Grade 1 led by Melisa Rice, Keys to Literacy National Consultant and Trainer.
  • The Writing Afterparty: Learning A-Z presenters align the Writing A-Z with The Writing Rope

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to jumpstart writing development in your classroom.

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