Partnering to Promote Summer Reading

To help support students’ growth and reading progress this summer, Learning A-Z is proud to partner with your district to launch a Summer Reading Challenge! We’re committed to helping create brighter futures for students through technology-enabled literacy resources, and we’re thrilled to help you encourage students to continue using their Raz-Plus resources during the summer months.

How It Works

  1. Review your Summer Reading Challenge letter or flyer for details around your district initiative.
  2. Have students log in* to the Kids A-Z student portal on any device to read their Raz-Plus books and engage with practice activities.
  3. Your Learning A-Z representative will pull a report to determine which students spent the most time engaging with Raz-Plus resources.
  4. Your local representative and/or district leader will communicate with you directly regarding the winners.

* If your district logs in through Classlink, please continue to do so.

Did You Know?

To counteract the summer slide in literacy skills, children need access to high-quality reading materials. Studies have shown that more than 85% of students using Raz-Plus prevented a loss in reading skills and made gains in reading performance from pre- to post-testing.

Teacher and Family Resources

Below are several resources to help teachers and families support reading this summer:

About Raz-Plus

Raz-Plus provides students with access to thousands of books through the Kids A-Z student portal, accessible online via any connected computer or device.


Level Up! contains a collection of books that students can complete to automatically advance to the next Learning A-Z reading level.


The Reading Room offers students a personal library, making it easy to find level-appropriate books by topic, category, and popularity.


Students earn stars by completing activities, which they can redeem to customize their personal avatar or Raz Rocket in the  Star Zone.

New to Raz-Plus? Watch this overview video!

Your Learning A-Z Representative:

Lizzie Jarzombek

Lizzie Jarzombek


For additional help:

* If your district logs in through Classlink, please continue to do so.