Texas State Board of Education Adopts Raz-Plus ELL Texas Edition

Proclamation 2019 names Learning A-Z Raz-Plus as a resource for Grades K–5, bringing blended learning curriculum to students statewide

DALLAS—January 15, 2019—today announced that Raz-Plus® ELL Texas Edition has been included in the Texas State Board of Education 2019 Proclamation Adoption list for English Language Arts and Reading instruction for Grades K–5. Raz-Plus is an award-winning curriculum that offers an extensive collection of digital curriculum resources and tools to help improve the literacy skills of every student, at every level. The Raz-Plus ELL Texas Edition meets the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) as well as the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) required for K–5 literacy curriculum in Texas schools.

The Raz-Plus curriculum is currently being used with great success in thousands of classrooms across Texas. Maria Rosas-Soto, a dual-language teacher in the Ysleta Independent School District in El Paso, said, "I used Raz-Plus and the ELL Edition for guided reading in the classroom and for at-home practice. A lot of my students were beginning ELLs and by the end of the year, they scored Advanced High on the TELPAS test."

"The Texas adoption signals a sea change for content delivery and literacy instruction in Texas schools,” said Patrick Marcotte, president of Learning A-Z. “With the adoption of Raz-Plus ELL Texas Edition, digital curricula and digital content have taken their place alongside traditional print resources to provide core instructional content. We are thrilled to help Texas districts and schools individualize learning and meet the academic needs of students through a blended approach to reading instruction, practice, and assessment."

A blended learning platform that provides effective teacher-led instruction, developmentally appropriate reading practice, formative assessment, and data-driven reporting, Raz-Plus provides the opportunity for schools and districts to customize their ELA implementations and not be limited to one "static" textbook.

Raz-Plus includes thousands of materials available to teach literacy, with a large online library of leveled books. The ELL Edition supplements Raz-Plus with thousands of resources designed specifically to support English language learners.

A sample of additional product resources includes:

  • Close Reading Packs and Passages
  • Comprehension Skill Packs
  • ELL Leveled Reader Packs
  • Foundational books with lessons and student activities
  • Classic novels with lesson plans and supporting student activities
  • Lesson plans and activities that align to popular trade books.

Raz-Plus strengthens the connection between what is being taught and what students are practicing. It offers resources available in printable, projectable, online, and mobile formats.

To learn more about Raz-Plus ELL Texas Edition, visit https://www.learninga-z.com/site/lp2/texas-instructors/.

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