Learning A-Z Adds Lexile Measures from MetaMetrics to Thousands of Leveled Resources for Learning

Collaboration extends the ways that teachers can put ability-appropriate content from Learning A-Z in students’ hands

DURHAM, NC, and TUCSON, AZ — April 23, 2019MetaMetrics today announced that Learning A-Z will add Lexile text measures to its award-winning suite of literacy-focused solutions. With the addition of the widely adopted Lexile measures, teachers using Learning A-Z’s thousands of leveled resources will have even more tools for putting developmentally appropriate content into each student’s hands..

Ranked the #1 reading instruction resource in an independent survey of more than 18,000 K-5 teachers, Learning A-Z’s flagship products, Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids, and Raz-Plus, are well-known by educators for their extensive collection of leveled reading resources. With more than 2,500 books and 200 passages at 29 levels of reading difficulty, the products also include thousands of corresponding resources to enhance instruction and strengthen students’ reading skills, such as lesson plans, worksheets and assessments.

The Lexile Framework uses the same scale to measure both student reading ability and text difficulty. The Lexile leveling system along with the Learning A-Z leveling system help teachers find Learning A-Z resources that are at an appropriate reading level for their students. An estimated 35 million children in the United States, including more than half of all elementary students, receive Lexile measures from national, state and local tests.

“Learning A-Z is committed to providing teachers with resources and tools to personalize learning and help all of their students build the 21st century skills they need to excel in the classroom and beyond,” said Patrick Marcotte, president of Learning A-Z. “Adding Lexile measures to our resources extends the ways that teachers, especially those serving upper elementary and intermediate learners, can achieve this important goal.”

Learning A-Z offers thoughtfully designed literacy-focused resources and tools developed in accordance with research-based best practices and leveled to meet the needs of all students. Proven to be an effective resource for personalizing instruction, strengthening students’ literacy skills and boosting test scores, its products make teaching more effective and instill the skills students need to shine.

“The early grades are an important time for learners to develop the strong literacy skills needed for success in school, college and careers,” said Malbert Smith, CEO and co-founder of MetaMetrics. “Through our new partnership with Learning A-Z, teachers who use their award-winning resources will have even more tools for connecting their students to materials that match their abilities, accelerating their reading skill development.”

About Learning A–Z

Learning A-Z is a literacy-focused PreK-6 educational provider of technology-enabled learning resources. Our products blend traditional teacher-led instruction with robust online resources to make teaching more effective and efficient, practice more accessible and personalized, assessment more strategic and automated, and learning more informed and proactive. Our suite of products includes: Raz-Plus, Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids, Headsprout, Science A-Z, Writing A-Z and Vocabulary A-Z. Learning A-Z resources are used by more than 8 million students in more than 170 countries. Learning A-Z is a business unit of Cambium Learning Group, Inc.

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About MetaMetrics

MetaMetrics is focused on improving education for learners of all ages and ability levels. The organization develops scientific measures of academic achievement and complementary technologies that link assessment results with real-world instruction. MetaMetrics’ products and services for reading (The Lexile Framework for Reading, El Sistema Lexile para Leer) and mathematics (The Quantile Framework for Mathematics) provide unique insights about academic ability and the potential for growth, enabling individuals to achieve their goals at every stage of development. Connect with the organization at metametricsinc.com/blog.

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