Learning A-Z Introduces Raz-Plus Connected Classroom to Support Accelerated, Personalized Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Tucson, AZ—Aug. 11, 2020—In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, educators are looking for ways to provide easy-to-use, effective resources that support student learning in a personalized, engaging way, whether learning happens in school or at home. Learning A-Z introduces Raz-Plus Connected Classroom to help teachers create a personalized learning path for students of all reading levels and ability levels in grades K-5.

Raz-Plus Connected Classroom combines the comprehensive blended learning platform of Raz-Plus with a library of tools and resources curated specifically to ensure that standards-based learning can happen anytime, anywhere. The core of Raz-Plus Connected Classroom is a series of research-based teaching practices, which are grouped into seven instructional goals. Integrating these practices into literacy instruction, whether in a digital class environment, traditional school, or a hybrid model, will help teachers accelerate student learning, fill in learning gaps, and foster social-emotional development.

Raz-Plus Connected Classroom positions the teacher and student as co-designers of each student’s personalized learning journey, enabling instructional needs to be identified and differentiated early, and ensuring that engagement remains high during learning and practice. Teachers start by assigning their students the Student Self-Evaluation. This survey promotes student voice and choice by allowing students to select books based on their interests, as well as evaluate their own reading behaviors. After the Self-Evaluation is completed, Instructional Goal Sets can be auto-assigned or manually assigned by the teacher.

The Instructional Goal Sets include assignable readings and activities that provide practice opportunities for students to deeply engage with a variety of grade-level texts. Both printable and digital components are available to ensure equitable access. To accelerate learning, Lesson Guides help teachers scaffold instruction so all students can access grade-level texts. Additionally, a Social, Emotional, and Academic Development (SEAD) Guide provides tips and guidelines for integrating social and emotional skills into academic development.

“Raz-Plus Connected Classroom helps teachers quickly provide a clear path to the right resources for each learner,” said Lisa O’Masta, president of Learning A-Z. “It emphasizes the importance of student agency and ownership in designing their own learning paths, while helping teachers implement best practices in reading, writing, and vocabulary instruction. Plus, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere so schools have the flexibility they need to navigate the road ahead.”

For more information about Raz-Plus Connected Classroom, visit the product webpage.

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