An Open Letter From Our President

Building Cultural Awareness, Understanding, and Respect

Learning A-Z is committed to building cultural awareness, understanding, and respect through thoughtfully developed instructional resources. We believe education is the cornerstone of change. We are committed to providing culturally responsive resources that serve teachers, students, and families of all backgrounds and ethnicities in classrooms and homes around the globe.

As we work to increase our ongoing support of equity in education and equitable access to tools and opportunities, we are leveraging guidance from leading experts as well as the educators we partner with every day.

Several initiatives are underway to address this commitment. They include:

  1. Hiring external topic experts to review and advise on thousands of individual student resources and avatars to ensure resources are culturally responsive, relevant, and representative
  2. Investing in the creation of new student and teacher resources, created and reviewed by a representative group of qualified writers, editors, educators, voice talent, and illustrators
    1. New resources will reflect authentic and diverse student voices on real-life topics students and teachers encounter every day.
    2. New resources will reflect an increased commitment to social and emotional learning support strategies.
    3. Teachers will be able to assign resources that support respectful conversations on topics of race, equity, and inclusion.
  3. Collaborating with other committed organizations to increase awareness, discussion, and resources
    1. In the summer of 2020, we hosted an online virtual symposium for K-6 educators to discuss and support equity and access in education, with keynote speakers, researchers, and educators sharing their expertise. All proceeds were donated to EveryoneOn, an organization connecting low-income families with affordable computers and internet.
    2. We established a partnership with UNICEF Kid Power to motivate and empower children to give back to families in their communities.
  4. Engaging external Advisory Boards and our internal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council to advise on the creation and revision of culturally responsive materials
  5. Creating additional ways to authentically engage with teachers, listen to their suggestions, hear their concerns and challenges, and work toward solutions

We don’t have all the answers, but along with countless other businesses and organizations, we believe that our words and actions over the months and years ahead demonstrate our commitment to help shape a future that embraces and celebrates diversity and belonging.

If you would like to learn more information about reviewing, writing, illustrating, or other ways to get involved, please contact

Sincerely, Lisa O'Masta

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