Learning A-Z Announces Winners of Student Book Cover Design Contest

DALLAS, April 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Learning A-Z has announced the three winners and five merit awards for the Info Access & Distribution (HK) Learning A-Z student book cover contest. The contest saw 2,142 student entries from 19 different schools in Hong Kong and three students who entered independently. Teachers and staff selected 28 finalists before submitting them to Learning A-Z for winner selection.

The books, winners, and merit awards are as follows:

First Place: The Butterfly Life Cycle - Level H
Leung Hin Shing from S.K.H Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School

Second Place: Little Red Riding Hood - Level L
Law Chun Him Kenson from C.C.C. Kei Wai Primary School (Ma Wan)

Third Place: Sharks - Level M
Ng Nok Hin Jadrian from Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School

Merit Awards

What? - Level D
Alicia Chi Yau Lee from Pui Kiu College

I Love Art Class - Level B
Kristy Liu from Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School

Friends in the Stars - Level F
Bethany Pang from WF Joseph Lee Primary School

Vincent’s Bedroom - Level Q
Zoe Lau from Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School

Parrots - Level M
Yannie Chan Yan Sin from Pui Kiu College

View the winning designs.

"We were very impressed with the creativity and quality of the students’ book cover entries," said Lisa Jabara-May, Sr. Director of Marketing. "The students clearly connected with the topics and created visually stunning representations of what their favorite books mean to them personally. The panel of judges had a very hard time choosing the winners due to the volume of exceptional entries. Congratulations to all the students who participated and the teachers who inspire and work with them every day."

Walter Chow, General Manager, Info Access & Distribution (HK), said "I am amazed by the students’ creative works. Their book cover designs bring new imagery for the books."

In addition to being featured on the official Learning A-Z US Facebook page, the winners received certificates and prizes on March 24th.

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