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We Appreciate Teacher Superheroes!

3 Enlightened Educators Share Their Stories

Learning A-Z Enlightened Educators is a group of educators who review product prototypes, provide useful feedback on resource upgrades, and communicate regularly to share teaching ideas and inspiration. To recognize teachers as everyday superheroes, we are sharing the stories of three of our Enlightened Educators who exemplify the superpowers it takes to teach ESL, mentor other teachers, and get students involved in their communities.

Texas teacher Christy Bassett:

“I enjoy teaching because I love watching a child's eyes light up when they finally understand a concept, read a difficult word, or read their 1st book cover to cover. I have used Learning A-Z resources for small group intervention, homework reading materials, reading assignments on the computer, vocabulary activities, fluency checks, running records and so much more! My favorite part is the home-school connection that these products provide. The students are excited to see the books they read in class on the computer and enjoy reading them again at home to their parents. The leveled books also help our English Language Learners with the listening portion while viewing the book online. There are so many great things about these products.”

Florida literacy coach Allie Curtis:

“As a literacy coach, I work with and support a large number of teachers and students with a wide variety of needs. My absolute favorite thing to experience is when a teacher's 'light bulb moment' leads to a 'light bulb moment' for his/her student(s). Learning A-Z resources help me create those 'light bulb moments.' The sites are easy to use, the resources are easy to implement, and they make fostering the love of learning easier too!”

New York teacher Chaz-Lit C. Droguett-Doyle:

“My heart is in urban education. I love the experiences students share with me and how much I can be part of their lives while encouraging them to become active citizens in our community. Learning A-Z products have allowed for me to scaffold and differentiate my instruction seamlessly. In my fourth grade class, I have newly-arrived immigrants learning letter sounds and students reading at a Fountas-Pinnell level V. Learning A-Z leveled resources also allow me to quickly evaluate online quizzes, so I can spend that time reviewing vocabulary and other skills.”

If you would like to become an Enlightened Educator, send an inquiry to: EnlightenedEducators@learninga-z.com