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5 Raz-Kids Benefits for Students and Teachers

By fostering home-school connections and giving students a variety of books to read at their grade-appropriate level, Raz-Kids has what you need to monitor students’ progress and improve their literacy skills. With options for independent reading practice and assessment, Raz-Kids is a favorite resource for teachers and students.

1. 24/7 Accessibility

Because Raz-Kids is accessible through the Kids A-Z mobile app, students can read online leveled books anytime, anywhere. Students can continue practicing skills introduced in the classroom by logging into their Kids A-Z accounts from their home computers, laptops, Android phones, iPhones, or Kindles to complete reading assignments and eQuizzes

2. Leveled Resources

With over 500 books at 29 different levels of reading difficulty, every student will be able to access a high-interest book that’s right for them. Each book’s eQuiz questions are tagged with a particular comprehension skill, so when you review quiz scores you know exactly what skills students are acquiring and what skills you may need to reteach.

3. Interactive Tools

When students use Raz-Kids to read leveled books, they can choose from various drawing, highlighting, stamping, and note-taking options that allow them to practice active reading strategies. Raz-Kids also offers digital incentives and rewards to keep students motivated to advance reading levels.

4. ELL Options

English language learners have a leg up on reading when they use Raz-Kids. Not only does Raz-Kids have books and eQuizzes for emergent and beginner reading levels, it also has Spanish translated leveled books to increase comprehension and fluency.

5. Digital Reporting

After students have completed reading and interacting with a leveled book, they can take multiple attempts at an eQuiz. Students can revisit the text as they take the quiz, and they can re-take it to improve their scores. You get student scores automatically, and with quiz questions tagged for specific comprehension skills you know exactly what skills students need to revisit.

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