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Enlightened Literacy: Why Personalized Learning Tools Work

what we do works

An Enlightened Approach to Literacy. An Expanded Form of Learning.

Learning A-Z offers thoughtfully designed literacy-focused resources and tools designed in accordance to research-based best practices and leveled to meet the needs of all students. Our products have received countless awards, accolades, and positive reviews from outside education organizations and educators across the globe. Proven to be an effective resource for personalizing instruction, strengthening students' expanded literacy skills, and boosting test scores, our products make teaching more effective and instill the skills students need to shine.

Research-Based Resources

We develop our products using research-based best practices and input from active and former teachers to ensure quality and effectiveness. Our products create an engaging learning environment that fosters creativity and student growth; they expand literacy beyond reading and writing to include the modern-day skills students require to become college- and career-ready.

Digital Deliverability

Our extensive collection of multilevel literacy-focused resources is delivered entirely online, making it easy for teachers to quickly find exactly what they need. With thousands of differentiated books and lessons, corresponding worksheets, comprehensive lesson plans, benchmark assessments, and more, we make it possible to put the perfect content in every student's hands.

Instructional Support

Our products include an array of teaching tools designed to support educators and make instruction more effective. We believe that teachers are the most important component to impactful learning; they are dedicated to providing high-quality resources designed with input from education experts and classroom educators that allow for meaningful blended and differentiated instruction.

Meaningful Practice

Students learn best when they have access to an array of resources and tools in multiple formats that allow them to practice and refine a broad range of skills anytime, anywhere. Our products blend traditional instruction with contemporary philosophies and technology-enhanced resources to ensure students receive the meaningful practice they require to strengthen their literacy and learning skills every day.

Unmatched Value

Today, administrators and teachers are being asked to do more with less. With our resources, classrooms have access to a vast collection of high-quality resources that enhance both in-class instruction and the home-to-school connection. And with an average cost of just a few dollars per student, our products are affordable — even for individual classrooms.