The Language Arts Collection

Lessons, Resources, and Tools to Strengthen Students' English Language Arts Skills

Reading, writing, and vocabulary are all critical to academic and career success. Our Language Arts Collection offers everything necessary to strengthen students' English language arts skills. Delivering an abundance of personalized reading resources on Raz-Plus, leveled writing lessons and tools on Writing A-Z, and vocabulary support on Vocabulary A-Z, this collection makes it easy to provide a comprehensive English language arts curriculum.

Personalized Reading

Raz-Plus provides more than 1,500 leveled books, quizzes, and teaching materials available in print and digital formats. With this one blended learning platform, teachers have access to the resources they need for differentiated instruction, and students have access to an interactive eLearning environment that provides a library of leveled books they can choose from to practice their reading in school, at home, or on the go.

Leveled Writing

Writing A-Z delivers a blended approach to writing instruction. Teachers have a wealth of teaching resources available in multiple developmental levels to ensure differentiated instruction their students need. The product also provides a set of interactive writing tools that students use to practice their writing and submit creative compositions to their teacher online.

Customizable Vocabulary

Vocabulary A-Z allows teachers to choose premade word lists and customizable lessons to connect vocabulary instruction to current topics of study, core reading series, or Learning A-Z resources. They can then assign printable or digital lessons to students for differentiated independent practice, including online game-based activities and quizzes.

A Language Arts Library

Combined, the resources provided on Raz-Plus, Writing A-Z, and Vocabulary A-Z offer a complete English language arts package. Resources can be easily differentiated and used in a variety of ways to ensure students have the tools they need to improve their language arts skills.