The ELL Collection

Leveled Books and Resources For English Language Learners

Our ELL Collection combines Raz-Plus with the ELL Edition. The ELL Edition's resources are developed with research-based strategies that help English language learners achieve success with social and academic English. The ELL Collection provides opportunities for students to develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills with an array of resources organized in content area topics in varying grade ranges.

What Does The ELL Collection Do?

By combining Raz-Plus with the ELL Edition, the ELL Collection offers a broad range of lessons and tools for content-based and thematic-based instruction designed for ELL students at any developmental level.

  • Provides resources linked directly to content-based and thematic-based texts and visual devices that develop speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills
  • Structures academic vocabulary instruction and introduces social vocabulary words
  • Correlates to WIDA, TESOL, ELPA21 and Common Core standards, as well as other state ELA standards and 21st century skills
  • Saves teachers time with ready-made resources accessible online 24/7

What Are the Key Features?

eTools for Reading Practice

Raz-Plus’ leveled eBooks come with eTools that help students practice active reading skills, listen to audio versions, and record themselves reading out loud.

World-Language Books

Raz-Plus provides leveled books in Spanish, French, Polish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese, so you can help students increase literacy skills in their home languages as they gain confidence with the English language.

ELL Assessments

ELL students benefit from close progress monitoring, and the ELL Edition’s assessments are designed to evaluate a range of English language skills.

Content-Area Instruction

The ELL Edition’s Content Picture Packs focus on five academic content areas (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social and Instructional Language, and Social Studies) and use visual supports to guide the development of reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills.

Vocabulary Support

Vocabulary Power Packs are designed to provide differentiated and structured supplemental support to promote the success of grades 3-5 ELL students in mainstream content-area classes.