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To be a skilled reader, students must engage with, and master, word recognition and language comprehension. Foundations A-Z provides resources that adhere to the science of how students best learn to read, and includes instruction and practice opportunities for all foundational skills.


This research guide provides information on the research base on which Foundations A-Z was built, focusing on:

  • Skilled Reading
  • Predictors of Reading Achievement
  • The High Cost of Reading Failure
  • Research-Based, Intentional Instruction
  • The Foundations A-Z Literacy Program


Learning A-Z (2022). Foundations A-Z Research Guide. Tucson, AZ: Author.


  • Dr. Christina M. Cassano, Salem State University
  • Dr. Susan Dougherty, Rider University
  • Dr. Marcia Kosanovich, MK Educational Research & Practice, LLC
  • Dr. Julia B. Lindsey
  • Dr. Robert Millard
  • Dr. Kathleen Paciga, Columbia College Chicago
  • Dr. Timothy Rasinski, Kent State University
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