ReadyTest A-Z Grade-Appropriate ELA Practice Tests

Printable and Computer-Based Practice Tests for Grades 3-5

ReadyTest A-Z's thoughtfully designed practice tests prepare students for success on summative ELA assessments. Each grade-appropriate test is designed to model the question-and-answer types students will encounter on their state or national standardized assessment, and gradually increase in difficulty — building students' close reading abilities, self-confidence, and test-taking stamina.

ReadyTest A-Z Practice test

Technology-Enhanced Items

Every computer-based practice test provides experience with technology-enhanced items featured in many of today's high-stakes assessments. Through ReadyTest A-Z's computer-based practice tests, students gain exposure and develop skills answering questions that require items such as drag-and-drop or highlighting certain parts of the text.

Smart-Response Rationales

ReadyTest A-Z's computer-based practice tests also provide the advantage of smart-response rationales that deliver instant feedback to students regarding all correct and incorrect answers. Smart-response rationales help students learn to read texts and questions closely and learn from their past mistakes.

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