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Vocabulary A-Z offers everything millions of teachers and students love about VocabularySpellingCity, plus so much more!

Vocabulary A-Z combines the digital, game-based VocabularySpellingCity activities you love with a wealth of additional instructional materials, reporting tools, and more to help K-5 students build vocabulary, spelling, and phonics skills and increase reading comprehension.

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vocabulary a-z resources in multiple formats - laptop, tablet, and print

Get Your Favorite Game-Based Activities and More!

More in-depth vocabulary materials for each word in the Vocabulary A-Z word bank help promote vocabulary acquisition, including a definition, part of speech, multiple choice assessment question, and a variety of sentences.

Printable, auto-generated five-day lesson plans make it easy to transform word lists into classroom study and practice materials.

Skills, activity, and assignment reports expand visibility into student performance and provide valuable data to inform and guide vocabulary instruction.

vocabulary a-z resources in multiple formats - laptop, tablet, and print

Engage and Motivate Students, Anytime, Anywhere

The robust student experience, packed with built-in incentives and awards including badges, customizable avatars, and more, keeps students engaged and motivated.

Online, game-based practice activities and quizzes dynamically incorporate vocabulary words from assigned lessons and make learning fun.

Mobile access supports practice anywhere with the included Kids A-Z mobile app for Apple, Android, and Amazon mobile devices.

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