Complementary Headsprout with Foundations A-Z Purchase - Terms & Conditions

Offer applies only to existing Headsprout(R) Customers located in the US (50 States & DC) and Canada who choose to purchase Foundations A-Z(R) at the then-current retail value (ARV: $234 USD), Learning A-Z's newest foundational literacy solution, on or before August 1, 2023. By purchasing the Foundations, A-Z license(s), the customer will have continuing access to Headsprout licenses for as long as Customer maintains an active Foundations A-Z account, or until October 1, 2024, whichever occurs first. Customers who purchase Foundations A-Z as part of this promotion will automatically receive complimentary Headsprout licenses equal to the number of Foundations A-Z licenses purchased. License terms apply.

For customers outside these regions, reach out to the Sales Representative in your region to see what opportunities are available to you.

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