Ensure Comprehension In All Students

Without comprehension, words are just words and grammar is just grammar. Comprehension is essential to bringing concepts to life, building understanding, and, ultimately, creating inquisitive students. To aid in the process of ensuring comprehension while instilling the joy of learning, we’ve compiled a list of just some of the trusted resources within Learning A-Z that support teachers and students. Is there a Learning A-Z resource that has helped you ensure comprehension? We’d love to hear about it! Share your feedback!

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Teachers, Start Here

Set yourself, and your students, up for success! Once you've checked out these resources to help you start the school year strong, browse your Learning A-Z product tabs to discover the great resources at your disposal.

Professional Development

Professional Development at Your Fingertips

It’s our priority to set you up for success, which is why our professional learning experts offer live and on-demand webinars and micro-learning videos to make sure you get the most out of your Learning A-Z experience.

Teacher tip: If you need help navigating your product, click the Guided Help button in your account for step-by-step guidance.


Active Learning Routines

Boost Comprehension with Active Learning Routines

Begin the school year with an active learning routine guided by the eLearning tools found in your students’ Kids A-Z portal*. Created to help students hone their skills, these tools fuel independent reading as well as group activities such as Literature Circles, Learning Centers, and more.

Annotation tools allow for note-taking, drawing, highlighting, and stamping, creating a foundation of understanding to boost comprehension. Audio playback reads texts aloud to students to support phonics and fluency development.

The eJournal gives students a place to explore new words and expand their vocabulary through writing.


*Kids A-Z is not included with Reading A-Z.

Customize Your Students’ Experience

Enrich Your Students’ Experience

Students go above and beyond for supportive teachers who have taken a genuine interest in them. Survey your students to learn about their interests and delight them by customizing their reading room and assigning them books and activities that reflect what they’ve shared with you!

K-2 Student Survey 3-5 Student Survey

Not sure of your students’ exact reading ability? Start here.

Fuel Meaningful Independent Practice

Fuel Meaningful Independent Practice

There’s no shortage of ways to meaningfully engage students independently with Learning A-Z. Here are some ways to make the most of independent time:

  • Encourage students to pick and ‘favorite’ books on topics they’re most interested in for independent reading time in their Reading Room.
  • Assign texts to build background knowledge about topics you’re studying in class.
  • Set goals with students using My Stats within Kids A-Z to keep them motivated. You can set goals based on the number of stars your student can earn, the badge they want next, or the number of books they can finish. Practice makes perfect!
  • Downloadable, printable Graphic Organizer worksheets encourage independent practice and help keep ideas and information organized.
Get to Know Caregivers

Get to Know Caregivers

Getting to know your students is important, and it’s equally important to get to know their caregivers!

Share a questionnaire with caregivers before the school year begins to connect with the people who have the greatest influence in your student’s life and get to know your students beyond what you can read in their school file.


Get the Whole Family Involved

Get the Whole Family Involved

Encourage caregivers to get involved by granting them access to the Kids A-Z Parent Portal. Within this portal, caregivers will be able to view student progress and send notes of encouragement. Ready to get started? Check out the Explore The Parent Portal video tour to learn more. (Also available in Spanish!)

Recommended Video for Families: Help Your Child Read With Kids A-Z / Ayude a su hijos a leer con Kids A-Z


Select your Learning A-Z product(s) and discover the resources at your disposal:

Ensure Comprehension With Raz-Plus

Need to Align to the Science of Reading? Start Here!

Need to Align to the Science of Reading? Start Here!

The Science of Reading (SOR) extends beyond the ability to decode words; it includes research-based practices that support reading comprehension skills as well.

While shifting to the Science of Reading may feel overwhelming, your Raz-Plus resources can help! When paired with the power of decodable texts, Raz-Plus books help boost comprehension.

Raz-Plus & The Science of Reading Raz-Plus & the Reading Rope

Next, Set a Benchmark

Next, Set a Benchmark

Evaluate strengths and learning opportunities by monitoring student progress using Raz-Plus’ simple 3-step process for Benchmark Assessments. Once your students have been assessed, you can use the data to inform whole-class and differentiated instruction.


Recommended PD: Exploring Benchmark Assessment Tools in Raz-Plus

Build and Assess Fluency

Build and Assess Fluency

Motivate students and help them build oral fluency, accuracy, and expression with engaging Practice Passages, Reader’s Theater Scripts, and Poetry, Rhymes, and Songs! Students with oral fluency read more quickly and smoothly, allowing them to focus on comprehension.


Close Read Passages

Develop Critical Thinking

Uncover layers of meaning within a text and deepen comprehension with the Close Read Passages and scaffolded questions available in Raz-Plus. These are perfect for group discussions!


Meaningful Conversations

Help Students Feel Seen, Heard, and Understood

The Meaningful Conversations collection offers teacher-led guided discussion activities to help educators safely address important topics—like bullying, working together through difficult times, and differences in abilities—through inclusive and respectful classroom dialogue. (The collection is also available in Spanish!)


Once logged in, go to Resources > Focused Instruction > Meaningful Conversations

Recommended PD: Explore Meaningful Conversations in Raz-Plus
Ignite High/Low Graphics

Keep Struggling Readers Engaged

It’s hard for students to stay engaged if they’re struggling and feeling frustrated. Help those readers build vocabulary and background knowledge by sharing high-interest concepts at lower text complexity levels.

Look for the IGNITE logo to find High/Low Text Sets and High/Low Graphic Books that are paired with instructional materials and aligned to content-area standards.


Recommended PD: Explore Raz-Plus Resources to Accelerate Learning

Raz-Plus Español

¿Habla Español? Raz-Plus Español is an Add-On for Dual Language Instruction

Give your dual language/bilingual students más posibilidades with:

  • Authentic Spanish texts and transadapted resources
  • An Español Reading Room
  • Spanish resources to build phonics skills and more!

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Ensure Comprehension With Raz-Kids

Reading Level

Start On The Right Foot, Ahem, Reading Level!

Knowing where each student is on their reading journey is especially important at the start of the school year. When using Raz-Kids for the first time, start with a running record benchmark assessment at the student's age or grade level. You can also use our Level Correlation Chart if you know the student's level in a different leveling system.


Recommended Help Article: More about the Reading Placement Tool

Monitor Reading Performance

Monitor Reading Performance

Benchmark Books and Passages aren't just to start the school year off. Save valuable instructional time and assess student reading performance throughout the year using Benchmark Books or Passages.

How it works: Each student sends recordings to your In Basket during a three-part assessment process that provides you with a more complete picture of your students' reading abilities and monitors their progress.


Foster Active Readers

Foster Active Readers

Encourage students to engage in active reading using the digital tools available within Raz-Kids:

  • Note-taking tool
  • Drawing tool
  • Stamping tool
  • Individual Word Audio Playback tool
  • eJournal tool
  • Vocabulary cards

Using these tools together supports reading comprehension, phonics, and fluency development, and provides a place to explore new vocabulary through writing!

Create Active Readers

Oral Reading Practice

Improve Pronunciation, Reading Rates, and Comprehension with Oral Reading Practice

While reading a Raz-Kids book, students can record themselves either for fun or to send to you for grading, allowing you to evaluate key foundational reading skills. Recordings are accessible in your In Basket.

How this works: Students simply click the ‘Record’ button in their book, follow the prompts to test the microphone, and begin reading aloud.


Reading Room

When it Comes to Reading, Give Students Choice

The Reading Room provides an entire library of digital content literally at your students’ fingertips. This means that reading practice is student-led, which allows each student to be guided by their own curiosity and interests. Students can even ‘favorite’ books to revisit them at a later date.

Keep an eye on which books students ‘favorite’ and incorporate related topics in your lesson plans to increase engagement.


Books: Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Books: Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

The beauty of Raz-Kids is that it’s all digital, which means that students can read on any device that’s connected to the internet whether they're at school, at home, or on-the-go. Downloading the Kids A-Z mobile app makes it even easier!

Send students home with a parent letter at the start of the school year to help caregivers get students signed in at home. Parent letters are available within your class roster and come in 28 different languages!


Recommended Help Article: Sharing Student Login Information

The Star System

Reward Students for Their Hard Work!

The more activities students complete, the more stars they earn. Stars are like currency in Kids A-Z, and students can spend them in the Star Zone on things like a pet shark for their avatar or a Europa Desert Flower for their Raz Rocket. Cha-ching!

Looking for a way to extend the fun? Have students write a creative story about their avatar or an adventure they’d go on in their Raz Rocket!


Ensure Comprehension With Reading A-Z

Reading Proficiency Level

Find Your Students’ Reading Proficiency Level

It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3!:

  1. Select a passage or book from our Benchmark Passages and Benchmark Books, then capture their reading behavior on Running Records.
  2. Use the Retelling Rubrics to score your students’ comprehension.
  3. Give an oral or written Comprehension Quick Check Quiz to identify learning opportunities.


Reading Rope

Develop Skilled Readers With the Essential Elements of Reading Instruction

We recommend following Scarborough’s Reading Rope*, which provides a framework for understanding the necessary skills for reading comprehension and highlights the importance of teaching these skills concurrently, rather than in a sequential order.


*This document shows resources in Raz-Plus, however, all these resources are also available in Reading A-Z.

Phonics Lessons and Decodable Texts

Help Your Students Master the Sound/Symbol Code

Develop decoding and encoding proficiency using Phonics Lessons and Decodable Texts. Help students make vital connections between letters and sounds using Decodable Books in combination with Alphabet, Sound/Symbol, and Read-Aloud Books.

If students need extra support with decoding and spelling, use the Decodable Passages Packs and pair them with Phonics Centers to help students understand the relationship between phonemes and graphemes. 


Phonological Awareness Lessons

Guide Your Students in Recognizing Language Sounds with Phonological Awareness Lessons

Reading A-Z’s Phonological Awareness Lessons provide 32 weeks of systematic, sequential instruction for grades K-1 with increasing complexity of skills.


From Phonological Awareness to Fluency, monitor progress with the assessments at your disposal. 


Fluency Practice Passage

Practice Sight Word Recognition

Improve automaticity and inflection with Fluency Practice Passages and provide practice in oral reading fluency and public speaking with Reader’s Theater Scripts that call for reading with expression and using pauses, inflection, and intonation.


Close Reading Packs

Build Background Knowledge to Develop Critical Thinking

Uncover layers of meaning within a text and deepen comprehension with Close Read Passages.

How it works: With Close Reading Packs, students consider a key question as they read passages and participate in small-group or whole-class discussions.


Grammar and Word Work

Grammar and Syntax Can Be Fun? Yes!

Support syntax and semantics with 32-weeks of standards-based Daily Language Practice and help students build and break apart words through Word Work Learning Centers. Then, focus on structure and punctuation with Grammar and Mechanics Learning Centers


Book and Passages

Strengthen Literacy with Content-Focused Instruction

Use Shared Reading Books to support concepts of print with both fiction and nonfiction.

All Reading A-Z Book and Passages provide a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction genres including subjects such as social studies, science, and the arts.


Meaningful Conversations

Help Students Feel Seen, Heard, and Understood

The Meaningful Conversations collection offers teacher-led guided discussion activities to help educators safely address important topics—like bullying, working together through difficult times, and differences in abilities—through inclusive and respectful classroom dialogue. (The collection is also available in Spanish!)


Once logged in, go to Resources > Focused Instruction > Meaningful Conversations

Incentives and Awards

Encourage Your Students With Incentives and Awards

Reading A-Z's WOWzers collection provides teachers with a variety of downloadable cards and certificates that can be used anytime to encourage and reward successful readers and learners.


File Cabinet

Keep It All Organized

The File Cabinet is a great tool to keep your pre-planned lessons and resources on hand throughout the year. Create custom file folders and subfolders, and store, organize, and share instructional resources directly from your cabinet.


Project or Print

Project or Print? Your Choice!

Most resources in Reading A-Z are formatted for digital projectors and interactive whiteboards with simple annotation tools to convey your instruction visually to your students.


Every Reading A-Z resource is downloadable as a PDF and printable in a variety of formats. Watch “How to Make a Book” in the Video Library.

Recommend Resources: Printing Single-Sided Book, Printing Double-Sided Book, Printing Pocket Book

Ensure Comprehension With Foundations A-Z

Program Guide

The Program Guide is Your Friend

Need help getting a lay of the land? Your Foundations A-Z Program Guide addresses how teachers get the most out of the program, how students use it, and how to get caregivers involved in their student’s learning. There’s even a section to help you become a more mindful reading teacher!


Professional Development

New to the Science of Reading? We can help!

The Foundations A-Z Professional Development library makes it easy to engage with PD through short, digestible, product-agnostic PD resources directly in your account. You can access videos, articles, or podcasts whenever you have time during your busy day.


Lesson Plans

160 Complete Lesson Plans Per Grade Are All Yours

All grades K–5 lessons are organized into 8 units per grade, 4 modules per unit, and 5 lessons per module with the following lesson types to choose from:

  • Base Lessons for new concepts
  • Stretch Lessons to review previous lesson with ideas to reteach and enrich key concepts
  • Review Lessons for opportunity to pause new instruction for review, remediation, and acceleration of previously learned skills
  • Assessment Lessons for additional challenges, remediation, or support after the end of unit assessments


Supplement Your Reading Program

Supplement Your Reading Program

Foundations A-Z offers the flexibility to supplement your core literacy program with resources to meet your needs. Simply search for the resources you need based on the following criteria:

  • Skill
  • Standard
  • Collection
  • Correlations

To access specific resources, open the hamburger icon.



Instruct At Your Own Pace

Whether you follow our scope and sequence or use Foundations A-Z as a supplement, our pacing guides will help you maximize impact in the classroom.

  • Standard Pacing allows for all of the program components to be taught.
  • Alternate Pacing allows for a portion of the lessons to be taught with a focus on creating a comprehensive phonics/word study and fluency solution.


I Do, We Do, You Do

I Do, We Do, You Do

Building a foundation of knowledge is crucial to ensure that all of your students have shared knowledge at the start of a lesson.

To set the stage, lean on our explicit lesson plans. Then, guide your students through lessons using the gradual release model: I Do (Teach), We Do (Guided Practice), You Do (Independent Practice).

All the planning has been done for you, including objectives, prep lists, and activities.


Reteach & Enrich

Reteach & Enrich

Each lesson plan has a Reteach & Enrich section, which helps teachers evaluate student understanding using a few simple steps.

  1. Teachers review unit assessment data.
  2. Teachers assign auto-recommended resources depending on the needs identified by the assessment.
  3. Teachers monitor student progress throughout the year to ensure that students aren’t left behind.

(And don’t miss Assign Recommended Resources in your assessment performance reports!)


Decodable Books and Passages

Reinforce Reading Instruction and Accuracy with Decodable Books and Passages

In Foundations A–Z, students apply their cumulative knowledge from phonics, word study, and high-frequency words (regular and irregular) instruction through repeated readings of decodable books in grades K–2 and word study passages in grades 3–5.

The decodable books for K–2 and Word Study Passages for Grades 3–5 feature compelling photography and illustrations that students will enjoy reading while diving into real-world topics.


Student Experience

Digital Tools and Rewards to Make Learning Fun

When you assign a resource, you’re not just delivering a reading curriculum, you’re delivering fun! A quirky cast of characters is ready to guide students through interactive, video-based, independent practice, games, and assessments that are always at your fingertips.

As students complete activities and read books, they’ll be rewarded with stars that can be used to personalize their avatar or adorn their spaceship with decorations of their choice, making reading even more fun!

See Student Instructional Videos

Ensure Comprehension With Vocabulary A-Z

Vocabulary Lessons

Our Lessons or Yours? Your Choice!

Premade vocabulary, spelling, and phonics lessons are all at your disposal and can be printed or digitally assigned! You have two options:

Use Pre-Made Lessons

  • Complete 5-day lesson plans using the Learning A-Z library.
  • Lessons Using a Reading Series: Vocabulary A-Z includes vocabulary lists from core curriculum providers, like HMH and McGraw-Hill, making vocabulary instruction easier than ever.

Create Your Own Lessons

Vocabulary A-Z also makes it easy to create, save, share*, assign, and print your own lessons.

To create a lesson, select “New Lesson;” choose how to create your word lists: search for the words in our system, choose from available word lists, or upload your own; click “Save”!

Once saved, you can find your lesson under “Custom Lessons.”


*You can share lessons with any teacher on your same Vocabulary A-Z license.

Interactive Games

Game On!

Vocabulary A-Z makes it easy for you to motivate students by assigning specific vocabulary games to students based on where they are academically. Students will learn the same word list, but complete different activities to target areas where they individually need the most practice.


Recommended PD: Getting Started with Vocabulary A-Z

Vocab Lists

Build Your Own Lists

Have a vocabulary list of your own you’d like to use? No problem. You can set up lists with up to 30 words each and lean on the vocabulary definitions included in the Vocabulary A-Z database. You can also provide your own definitions and context sentences to tie the word back to what you’re learning in class.


Recommended Resource: Assign Custom Lessons on Vocabulary A-Z

Student Practice

On & Offline Practice

Digital assignments make it easy for students to keep the learning going at home, but what if students don’t have access to technology outside of school?

No problem! Vocabulary A-Z offers printable resources to create take-home learning packets for students and 5-day lesson plans (pre-made or custom) with everything you need to reinforce key concepts.


Recommended Resource: Assignments Feature

Ensure Comprehension With Science A-Z

Science Lessons

Science Lessons Galore, and They’re All Yours!

Science A-Z provides comprehensive science units organized into three grade ranges (K-2, 3-4, and 5-6) and includes lessons, informational texts, and hands-on activities across four scientific domains.

Explore lessons in each domain:

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Need to Align With Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)? No Problem!

Look for the Storyline Lesson Plans, which take a three-dimensional approach to science instruction by integrating practices, core ideas, and concepts – the three key components of these standards – into a single lesson.


Bring Science to Life and Bring on the Fun!

Bring Science to Life and Bring on the Fun!

Bring science concepts to life with Process Activities and Science Fair Resources that provide fun, hands-on activities that help students learn to read, think, write, speak, and behave like real scientists.

Help your students understand complex science concepts with multimedia-based Interactive Science Lessons and Instructional Videos, including Kitchen Science with the Wise Family!

Join the Wise family in their home kitchen as they guide you through DIY science experiments using materials you can usually find around your home.


(Interested in other content from the Wise family? Check out The Wise Channel on YouTube!)

Science in the News

Use Science to Support Literacy and Comprehension Skills

No need to stop teaching literacy in order to fit in a science lesson; integrate differentiated science content into your daily reading curriculum with:

  • A Nonfiction book library for important core ideas and cross-cutting concepts.
  • Focus Books that offer comprehension assessments and hands-on activities to practice reading, writing, thinking, and doing.
  • A monthly publication, Science in the News, that explores current events from a science perspective and helps elementary students become curious about science.

Let your students learn about different careers in science and the inventors and scientists behind the things we use every day.


Build Comprehension and Vocabulary Through Science

Build Comprehension and Vocabulary Through Science

There are multiple ways to ensure comprehension in Science A-Z:

Strengthen your students' scientific and academic vocabulary through engaging games and activities with Game Packs, Vocabulary Cards, and Word Work.


Ensure Comprehension With Writing A-Z

Professional Development

Don’t Feel Confident Teaching Writing? You’re Not Alone!

Check out the Professional Development library within Writing A-Z that features micro-learning opportunities that cover a wide range of content from how to promote active listening to forming effective writing habits, drafting and editing, and a lot more.


Lesson Plans

Never Create Another Lesson Plan

All Writing A-Z lessons plans are easy-to-use, guide you every step, and include:

  • Outlined objectives and standards, sample dialogue, embedded tips, writing prompts, cheat sheets.
  • Gradually released lessons to support teacher-led instruction (I Do), whole and small group instruction (We Do), and dedicated independent practice (You do).
  • Flexibility with a “one-tap” approach to print, present, or assign resources for one or multiple students.


Complement Your Own Lesson Plans

Looking to Complement Your Own Lesson Plans? No Problem!

Writing A-Z was built with flexibility in mind.


Grammar and Writing

Teaching Grammar and Writing Just Got Easier!

Writing A-Z’s auto-assigned, auto-scored, explicit grammar and writing instruction covers it all.

Grammar Packs support multi-sensory learning and are grade-level appropriate across grades K–5. (Grammar packs will also be auto-assigned to students once they’re rostered!)

Writing Packs and Writing Process Packs cover the writing standards and give students practice in elements of genres alongside strategies for planning, drafting, revising, and editing text.


How Students Use Writing A-Z

Engage Your Students Like Never Before

With Writing A-Z, your students will be practicing, writing, publishing, and earning rewards for all their hard work!

Our collaborative digital writing tool, WaLT (Writing and Learning Together), features resources and writing space in a colorful side-by-side view. Learn more about WaLT.

PRACTICE and Get Rewarded
As students engage in fun interactivities, they’ll earn stars and gain access to space-themed avatars, making writing fun and increasing student motivation.

PUBLISH with Build-a-Book
Students can exercise their creativity by writing and designing their own digital books in Build-a-Book, which can be found within the Student Playground!


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