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Impact in Action

Ensuring Comprehension, Inspire Curiosity, Instilling a love for Learning... Impact in Action

Working Together to Improve Student Outcomes

Learning A-Z was created to inspire curiosity, ensure comprehension, and instill the joy of learning for elementary students. Impact in Action is a collaborative, community-based program designed to ensure that every team at Learning A-Z delivers the most essential, impactful, and easy-to-use solutions for our community of educators. Impact in Action includes four initiatives:

  • Impact Grants provide schools with free Learning A-Z solutions and professional development to support teachers and make a significant impact on student outcomes and teacher preparedness.
  • Impact Schools receive professional development and learning opportunities for both students and teachers while testing new ideas and best practices.
  • Project Impact is designed to build a growing community of teachers and teacher leaders who strategically work together to positively impact teaching and learning.
  • Impact Research is an extensive data collection and analysis effort to build a comprehensive understanding of our customer’s needs and make informed decisions.

Learning A-Z Team + Academic Researchers and Experts + Passionate Educators and Students = Impact in Action

Impact Grants

The vision of the Impact Grant Program is providing teachers and students with resources that will inspire curiosity, ensure comprehension, and instill the joy of learning to make the greatest impact on teaching and learning.

To continually fuel this mission, the Impact Grant Program will be a platform for building dynamic partnerships. Impact Grants will serve as solutions for closing resource gaps and supporting professional development, while working toward greater student access and building a community of educators who inspire and promote access for all students.

Criteria for Impact Grant Participation

Impact Grants are open to current Learning A-Z customers in the United States who do not have a license to Raz-Plus. In addition, grant recipients must agree to the following participation criteria:

  • Have students use Raz-Plus (and if chosen, Raz-Plus Connected Classroom and/or ELL Edition) at least three times per week
  • Participate in professional development session(s)
  • Participate in at least two roundtable discussions
  • Provide periodic feedback via online surveys
  • Provide permission for your students to use Learning A-Z online learning tools, acknowledging our Student Data and Privacy Policy

Impact Grant recipients will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment of current instructional needs with Raz-Plus resources
  • Comprehensiveness of proposed implementation plan
  • Documentation and plan for measuring student outcomes
  • Innovation and creativity demonstrated in the optional video impact statement

Impact Grant Details

Impact Grants will be awarded to a total of 10 applicants, and winners will receive:

  • A single-classroom Raz-Plus subscription from January 2021 through June 2022, which includes access for all your students, complete with add-ons:
  • Professional development
  • and other exciting opportunities to engage with Learning A-Z

Impact Grant Winners Receive Raz-Plus with Aligned Professional Development

Congratulations to Our 2021-22 Impact Grant Recipients!

We're excited to announce the 10 grant winners! Each winner receives a free subscription to our award-winning blended learning solutions, complete with aligned professional development. The grants will help these teachers positively impact student literacy outcomes and close literacy gaps.  Read the full press release.

Brandy Chase
4th and 5th Grade
Title 1 Reading Specialist
Weatherford, OK

Lisa Marie Fuchs
4th Grade
Shamong, NJ

Leonard Gonzalez
6th, 7th, and 8th Grade
Special Education Teacher
Lubbock, TX

Lesia Jones
1st, 4th, and 5th Grade
Special Education Teacher
Indianapolis, IN

Deanna McFarland
Teacher / Specialist
Erie, PA

Dana McGee
1st Grade
Whitestown, IN

Lyle Patty
3rd Grade
Clovis, CA

Teresa Pavloff
Michigan City, IN

Stephanie Potter
K–5th Grade
ELA/Reading Specialist
Westminster, MD

Tarin Willett
PreK–8th Grade
Special Education Teacher 
Peoria, AZ

Grant Applications

Because we've chosen our winners for this year's grants, we’re no longer accepting applications for the 2021-22 school year, but please check back later in 2021 to learn more about our next grant opportunities!

Impact Schools

Learning A-Z is partnering with schools to provide professional development and ensure that our literacy-focused solutions for instruction and practice are effective and easy to implement. The Impact School program taps into the power of collaboration and is designed to provide learning opportunities for both students and teachers.

Schools in the current program include:

Brookwood Elementary in Hamilton, OH

Brookwood Elementary
Hamilton, OH

Chatham Charter in Siler City, NC

Chatham Charter
Siler City, NC

Kuban Elementary in Phoenix, AZ

Kuban Elementary
Phoenix, AZ

Ridgeway Elementary in Hamilton, OH

Ridgeway Elementary
Hamilton, OH

Timber Lakes Elementary in New Caney, TX

Timber Lakes Elementary
New Caney, TX

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These year-long partnerships with schools will enable Learning A-Z to increase our collaboration efforts with teachers, improve our products, and test new ideas and best practices.

Some of the schools' activities will include: roundtable discussions for both teachers and parents; professional development; needs assessments; awarding teachers with the Learning A-Z Teacher of the Month recognition; and much more. Our goal is to build community and positively impact student outcomes.

Congratulations to Our Teachers of the Month

Throughout the Impact Schools program, school leaders will recognize outstanding teachers at each school with Teacher of the Month awards. We’re so excited to announce these winners!

Kayla Whitson - 3rd grade
Timber Lakes Elementary
New Caney, TX

“Students have read 6,500 minutes this month with Ms. Whitson! The students have listened to and read at least 1,446 books and completed more than 49 levels of activities.” Carrie Garza, M.Ed., Timber Lakes Elementary (New Caney, TX)

Alli Sullivan - 2nd grade
Ridgeway Elementary
Hamilton, OH

“Alli uses Raz-Plus in her Reader's Workshop during managed independent learning. Students are given assignments based on MAP needs and data. It's also used as a listening station!” Katherine Wagonfield, Ridgeway Elementary (Hamilton, OH)

Tina Mazzeo - 4th grade
Brookwood Elementary
Hamilton, OH

“Tina is responsive to students and utilizes Reading A-Z to intervene with readers who are more reluctant. She has reached out to begin matching MAP data with Reading A-Z data for future instructional moves.” Kristin Yordy, Brookwood Elementary (Hamilton, OH)

Learn How Your School Can Participate


Project Impact

Project Impact is inspired by the power of collaboration; that’s why the project’s goal is to create a community of educators. By hosting two roundtables each month, providing vibrant opportunities to engage in authentic conversations around the world, the hope of Project Impact is that these conversations, and the experiences that drive them, can empower teachers and positively impact learning.

From enjoying free webinars to testing new approaches, participants will benefit from a wealth of knowledge and dialogue. These roundtable discussions, held on the second and fourth Thursday of the month (holidays excluded), focus on key topics designed to help educators make the greatest impact on education, such as:

  • Student Engagement
  • Parent Engagement
  • Foundational Skills
  • Learning Environments
  • Social, Emotional, and Academic Development (SEAD)
  • Student Impact Stories (Lessons Learned)

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Learn How You Can Participate


“Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the roundtable learning. The experience I had was incredibly helpful, and wonderful to know that our input was heard. That just warms my heart.” Colleen Slaughter, Early Grade Specialist, Anderson Primary School, Williamsburg County School District

Impact Research

Impact Research is critical to the work we do at Learning A-Z. Our research efforts are broad yet strategic, including observational, compiled, experimental, and simulation data obtained from user research, testing, and solutioning. Extensive data collections like these provide us with a more comprehensive understanding of educator and student needs.

To facilitate the Impact Research effort, we are launching a series of surveys, in cadence with the development of new products or initiatives. The data obtained will be shared with respondents and utilized to build the most impactful solutions. The surveys are part of the Learning A-Z site experience.

Participate in Our Current Impact Survey

Lesson Plan Teacher Reviews

For more information about our Impact initiative, email impactinaction@learninga-z.com.

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