Learning Resources for Winter Holidays and New Year's

Holiday Fun with Year-End Activities

Winter holidays and New Year’s celebrations are upon us, and your students can embrace the season with Learning A-Z resources and activities. If you are guiding students in learning about winter holidays and New Year’s traditions, Raz-Plus, Reading A-Z, Vocabulary A-Z, Writing A-Z, and Science A-Z have the leveled books and activities you need. End 2017 and greet the new year on a positive note with printable, projectable, and digital resources for reading, writing, and vocabulary, and scientific literacy.

Leveled Reading

Reading A-Z and Raz-Plus offer a variety of texts that will engage students in learning about winter holidays and New Year’s celebrations. All of the books listed below can be paired with a corresponding vocabulary list from Vocabulary A-Z so students can enhance their writing and communication skills while learning about a range of holiday traditions. Check out these leveled books for fun additions to your winter holiday reading lessons:

  • Holidays Around the World (grade 3)
  • World Holidays (grade 2)
  • The Festival of Lights (kindergarten)
  • We Make a Snow Man (kindergarten)

4th and 5th grade students will enjoy books that detail popular and lesser-known winter sports: Hockey, and Junior Iditarod, which explores how young competitors complete the grueling sled-dog race in Alaska.

The multilevel book New Year Celebrations is perfect for 2nd and 3rd grade comparison/contrast activities. 

If you are leading students in creating their own snowflake artwork, the how-to book Let’s Make Snowflakes is a perfect addition to your lesson plan.

Students can read Feliz Navidad, Carlos in English and Spanish, making it an ideal ELL solution for holiday-related readings.

Consider adding two poetry books, Snow and Winter Holidays, to a winter-themed poetry lesson.

For an in-depth investigation of how and why people celebrate holidays, the “What Makes a Celebration Great” Close Reading Pack is a great fit for a 2nd grade class. 

The Science of the New Year

If writing New Year’s resolutions will be a part of your language arts curriculum, Science A-Z activities can enhance your lessons by helping students experience how a year is measured by one rotation of the earth around the sun. The Solar System process activity “Orbital Paths” guides students in understanding how long it takes for the Earth and other planets to orbit the sun. 

Writing Winter Stories

When students are experimenting with creative writing, they benefit from writing supports that help them draft and organize their ideas. Writing A-Z Story Cards inspire ideas for stories in various genres and are great writing tools for emergent and developing writers. Story Cards for “January” and “December” include ideas for characters, plots, and settings related to winter themes.

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