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Updated Raz-Plus Features for Back to School

Better Collaboration, More Lightbulb Moments

As you prepare for a new school year, be sure to check out enhanced features from Raz-Plus that make it easier to collaborate with fellow teachers and create lightbulb moments for your students.

Explore these features and introduce your students to resources on Raz-Plus!

Raz-Plus Homepage Update

Raz-Plus Homepage Update

You’ll find it easier to use the website and locate the resources your students love.

Save and Share Raz-Plus Resources

Save and Share Resources

Our File Cabinet makes collaboration a breeze by giving you the ability to collect, organize, save, and share all of your favorite resources with teachers on your product license.

Enhanced Assignments feature in Raz-Plus

Enhanced Assignments

Combine multiple books and resources into one assignment with a message and due date. Then send the assignment to an individual student, a group of students, or the whole class.

Customer Your Roster in Raz-Plus

Customize Your Roster

Create student groups according to skill level, interest, or project to make assigning resources and monitoring student progress easier.

World Language leveled books in Raz-Plus

World Language

Students can digitally access a selection of our leveled books translated into multiple world language, including Spanish, French, British English, Polish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese! All language sets can be accessed in the customizable Reading Room.

Raz-Plus Level Up area

Level Up! Refresh

Students can now access some of our newer books in the Level Up! area. These engaging books will continue to keep students interested and excited to practice their reading. Books moving out of the Level Up! area will still be assignable and accessible.

Raz-Plus Benchmark Assessments

Benchmark Assessments

The Benchmark Books for levels aa-J and the Quick Checks for both the Benchmark Books and Benchmark Passages have been updated to help you more accurately assess students’ reading abilities. Our Benchmark Books at levels K-Z have been updated to become Leveled Books in the leveled book library. Benchmark Passages are still available at all levels to monitor progress and determine next steps for instruction for each student. All Benchmark assessments are easily assignable.

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