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Implement Three-Dimensional Learning With New Science A-Z Storylines

More Choices, Greater Engagement – Part 8

About the More Choices, Greater Engagement Series

This series of articles introduces you to the exciting new product features and instructional content launched for Back-to-School 2018. Explore how these updates create more choices for students and engage and motivate them in new ways. Check out the other articles in this series to learn more!

Introducing New Science A-Z Storylines

Support a three-dimensional approach to learning with new Storylines from Science A-Z. Storylines are the ideal resource for districts and schools that have implemented the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)* or have adopted similar standards that emphasize a three-dimensional approach to learning science.

What Is It?

Storylines deliver a coherent sequence of lessons that help teachers address all three dimensions of NGSS while helping students develop the ability to demonstrate targeted Performance Expectations. Each Storyline includes a well-rounded collection of resources for teachers and students that focus on Science and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas, and Crosscutting Concepts.

Storyline lessons allow students to engage in activities that mirror how working scientists make discoveries and how engineers design new technologies. Students read with a purpose, ask questions, carry out investigations, interpret data, design solutions to problems, and engage in argument from evidence. At the end of each lesson and at the conclusion of the whole Storyline, a three-dimensional assessment challenges students to apply practices as they demonstrate their understanding of core ideas and crosscutting concepts.

Where Is It?

Under the Resources menu on Science A-Z, scroll down to the Activities tab, and select Storylines underneath the “Three-Dimensional Instruction” section.

science a-z resources activities three-dimensional instruction storylines

Alternatively, go to the NGSS tab and select a grade and NGSS topic. One topic within each grade currently comes with a Storyline, and Storylines for all other K-5 topics will be developed.

science a-z resources NGSS storylines

Once you select a Storyline, you will come to a page with the following information:

  • A preview of the flow of lessons, found below the synopsis of the Storyline
    science a-z storylines lesson flow chart
  • The Storyline Lesson Plan in printable and projectable formats
  • All accompanying resources for each lesson in the Storyline, including FOCUS Books, Quick Reads, Process Activities, Investigation Packs, Science Diagrams, Science Videos, and the lesson Assessments
  • Teaching Tips to accompany many of the student resources, as well as a preview of the digital version available to students on Kids A-Z
  • The Final Assessment to conclude the Storyline

science a-z grade 5 storyline

How Do Students Use It?

Science A-Z Storylines are ready-to-use, comprehensive resources. Each Storyline Lesson Plan consists of an integrated series of lessons and supporting resources that allow all students to discover age-appropriate content and actively apply practices in meaningful and productive ways.

All lessons within a Storyline begin with a Supporting Phenomenon and a Guiding Question that together provide purpose for an activity, investigation, or design challenge. Tasks are specifically designed to help students answer the Guiding Question and generate new questions that lead into the next lesson. Phenomenon-based activities get students excited about learning by raising their curiosity and helping them feel invested in answering their own authentic questions.

Assessments included with each lesson and a final cumulative assessment allow teachers to gauge student ability to apply targeted practices and comprehend core ideas and concepts. At the end of each assessment, an Answer Key and Teaching Tips provide suggested student responses, allowing teachers to determine student mastery of lesson content while clearly identifying connections to the standards. Also included are tips for helping struggling students and students who finish their work ahead of the rest of the class.

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* Next Generation Science Standards is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards was involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

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