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Resources and Tools for Effective Blended Learning

Blended learning is fast becoming a standard approach in many classrooms, and there are many ways to ensure your blended learning instruction is reaching students at all levels. This collection of articles introduces you to the integral elements of blended learning and how our newest product, Raz-Plus, supports a blended learning framework that helps you engage all of your students.


"Getting to Know Blended Learning"

Explore how teacher-led instruction, student practice, assessment, and data-driven reporting work together in an effective blended learning approach.
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"A Blended Learning Approach to Teaching Comprehension Skills"

See how a blended learning framework breaks down this complex skill into manageable, differentiated portions that you can adapt to your classroom.
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"A Blended Learning Approach to Teaching Close Reading"

Close reading is an essential cross-disciplinary skill, and a blended learning approach can help you engage students in critical close reading practice.
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"The Role of Assessment in Blended Learning"

Assessment is integral to planning effective, differentiated instruction, and a blended learning approach makes assessment easier to manage with any class size.
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"Raz-Plus: Your Blended Learning Solution"

Learn about how Raz-Plus empowers teacher-led instruction and promotes student practice with leveled resources, assessment strategies, and reporting tools.
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"Blended Learning with Writing A-Z"

The versatility of Writing A-Z’s print and digital resources allows you to teach writing through a blended learning framework.
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Raz-Plus and Writing A-Z aren’t the only Learning A-Z products that support blended learning instruction. Learn more about all of our products here.

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