Raz-Plus Comprehensive Collection

Resources to Support Personalized Learning & English Language Learners

The Raz-Plus Comprehensive Collection combines Raz-Plus, ELL Edition, and Raz-Plus Connected Classroom. The Raz-Plus Comprehensive Collection includes research-based tools and resources, ensuring accelerated learning happens anytime, anywhere, while providing English language learners with specific strategies to achieve success with social and academic English.

What Does the Raz-Plus Comprehensive Collection Do?

The Raz-Plus Comprehensive Collection accelerates student learning, fills in learning gaps, and fosters social-emotional development, while providing opportunities for students to develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

What Are the Key Features?

eTools for Reading Practice
Leveled eBooks come with eTools that help students practice active reading skills, listen to audio versions, and record themselves reading out loud.

Student Self-Evaluation
Automatically populate digital assignments based upon student responses, while providing baseline data upon which to further build students’ personalized learning pathways.

ELL Assessments
Evaluate a range of English language skills, allowing for close progress monitoring of ELL students.

Instructional Goal Sets
Provide a series of research-based practices to help accelerate student learning, fill in learning gaps, and foster social-emotional development.

Content-Area Instruction
Content Picture Packs focus on five academic content areas (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social and Instructional Language, and Social Studies), and use visual supports to guide the development of reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills.