Science A-Z Project-Based Learning Packs

Inquiry-Based Student Science Projects, Science Worksheets, and Activities that Promote Collaboration and Critical Thinking

Science A-Z Project-Based Learning Packs provide resources that encourage students to use creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills as they work in teams to investigate an overarching science question or design solutions for an engineering challenge. Students work together like real scientists and engineers to conduct research, develop plans, adhere to a schedule, make decisions, and execute their plan. Working with peers on a STEM project develops teamwork practices that prepare students to be college- and career-ready. These learning packs are fully comprehensive, and include all of the assets you will need to complete the PBL – no need to search for additional resources. Science A-Z Project-Based Learning Packs require 2-6 weeks for teacher implementation and student to completion, and often integrate science, technology, engineering, math, language arts, and other content areas in a single project.

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