Interactive Science Lessons from Science A-Z

Help Students Think Like Scientists

Interactive Science Lessons put science discovery in the hands of each student. These virtual lessons provide a road map for students as they explore important and complex ideas. Lessons offer instruction, practice, and assessment using text and accompanying audio. Visual and interactive devices support a variety of learning styles and help bring the material to life. Each part of the lesson builds on the one before it, as do the slides within each part, helping to scaffold instruction as students master each new concept. By digging into the main ideas of science on their own, students develop a stronger understanding of how to think and act like a scientist.

Science A-Z resources strive to encourage curiosity and imagination.

With interactive science lessons, students aren’t just learning about science topics. They’re learning how to think like scientists and engineers too!

Interactive science lessons give students the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned. Draggable and droppable items allow students to explore, encouraging them to draw their own conclusions. Access the science content report by class, small groups, and individuals to inform student proficiency on science standards.

Inspire your students beyond the classroom, and open their world to careers in science!

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