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Through a blend of teacher-led instruction, independent practice, strategic assessment, and detailed reporting, Raz-Plus delivers technology-enabled resources that strengthen the connection between what is being taught and what students practice on their own.

  • Detailed Reporting
  • Teacher-Led Instruction
  • Strategic Assessment
  • Independent Practice

Multiple Formats

With a library of developmentally appropriate resources in printable, projectable, online, and mobile formats, Raz-Plus makes it easier to implement a blended approach to literacy. Teachers have all the tools they need to improve the reading skills of every student, at every level.

Teacher-Led Instruction

Raz-Plus empowers teachers to be more effective and efficient with whole class, small group, and one-to-one instruction.

  • 50,000+ resources and lessons
  • Alignments to all major standards
  • On-page assignment capabilities
  • Resources in multiple languages, including authentic Spanish texts

Independent Practice

Raz-Plus motivates students to practice and improve their reading in class, at home, and on the go.

  • Online and mobile access to 4,000+ leveled books and reading resources
  • A digital library for every student
  • Natural-voice audio versions of every leveled book
  • Student recording tools to build fluency
  • Interactive annotation tools to build close reading skills

Strategic Assessments

Raz-Plus provides an array of print and digital assessment tools to help inform instruction, place students, and monitor student progress.

  • Benchmark books and passages with running records
  • Foundational skill assessments
  • eQuizzes provide formative assessment on comprehension skills

Detailed Reporting

Raz-Plus allows administrators, teachers, and parents to track student activity and learning progress.

  • Skills and standards reports
  • Assignment reports
  • Level progress reports
  • Classroom activity usage reports

Student Portal Supports Learning in Class and at Home!

  • Digitally delivered assignments
  • Personalized reading room
  • Built-in incentives and awards
  • Two age-appropriate designs
  • Includes Free Mobile App!



 A Personalized Blended Learning Approach to Literacy 
Leveled Books and Other Resources in Printable, Projectable, and Digital Formats


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