World Leaders Come to Raz-Plus

New Reads and Activities for 3-6 Graders

What makes a great leader? The new World Leaders category in Raz-Plus’ Themed Nonfiction Series helps students explore this question with new books and supporting materials that describe what makes an influential leader.

With this new addition to the Themed Nonfiction Series, students can build upon prior knowledge and develop a holistic perspective of history and culture with opportunities to dive deeper into social studies, history, and geography.

In each book, students will explore a leader’s biography to discover what made that figure so significant. These books are leveled for grade 3-6 students and include supporting materials like activity cards, comprehension quizzes, a timeline poster that outlines major events in the featured leader’s life, and teaching tips.

The new books feature the following World Leaders: Alexander the Great, George Washington, Julius Caesar, King George III, Queen Elizabeth I, Ramses II, and Saladin.

The World Leader category complements other books in our Themed Nonfiction Series, so you can plan a multi-day project that allows students to discover a theme, place, or person from multiple perspectives.

Project Sample Materials: People and Places of Egypt

In this project, ask students to read these three books:

Raz-Plus Themed Nonfiction Series Countries Around the World Egypt leveled book

Countries Around the World

Raz-Plus Themed Nonfiction Series World Leaders Ramses II leveled book

World Leaders

Raz-Plus Themed Nonfiction Series World Landmarks Valley of the Kings leveled book

World Landmarks

With Egypt, students read about Egyptian people and history, as well as its animals and landforms.

With Ramses, students get a closer look into Ramses II, who ruled ancient Egypt for sixty-six years.

With Valley of the Kings, students explore how this burial ground was constructed and analyze Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife.

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