Reading A-Z Best-in-Class Reading Leveling System

Leveled Reading Books, Lessons, and More

Reading A-Z ensures that every student at every level has access to the developmentally appropriate resources they need to improve their reading skills. Every leveled text has been carefully written, edited, and designed to provide the right standards-aligned learning opportunity. Each book is leveled using Learning A-Z's proprietary leveling algorithm to ensure each student is engaged and appropriately challenged when reading any book within their reading level.

Why Our Leveled Reading Resources Work

Reading A-Z's leveled books are carefully written to ensure each student has access to an abundance of engaging, developmentally appropriate text that supports comprehension, vocabulary, close reading of text, and more. With a variety of fiction and nonfiction genres within each level, Reading A-Z's leveled books strengthen connections in literacy and content-area instruction.

reading a-z leveled books

Why Our Leveled Resources Are Superior

We believe that leveled reading is critical to strengthening students' modern-day literacy skills. Unlike many other leveling systems, our leveled books are meticulously differentiated using a proprietary algorithm that gradually increases the complexity of the content, including word choice, sentence complexity, and features of text structure. This way, we provide the just-right reading experience that students need to effectively strengthens kids' reading, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

What You Can Expect

Reading A-Z's leveled books are designed for today's diverse classrooms with students at a variety of reading levels. Whether students are currently reading below, at, or above their grade level, the product allows teachers to quickly select developmentally appropriate text for each student that will sufficiently challenge him or her and meet CCSS and other state and international reading guidelines.


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