Raz-Plus Connected Classroom Collection

Resources to Foster Student-Centered Learning

Raz-Plus Connected Classroom Collection combines the comprehensive, blended learning platform of Raz-Plus with a library of tools and resources curated specifically to ensure that accelerated, standards-based learning happens anytime, anywhere.

What Does the Raz-Plus Connected Classroom Collection Do?

By combining Raz-Plus and Connected Classroom, the Raz-Plus Connected Classroom Collection accelerates student learning, fills in learning gaps, and fosters social-emotional development.

  • Creates personalized learning pathways for all students, whether in a traditional classroom, distance learning, or hybrid environment
  • Positions teachers and students as co-designers of each student’s learning journey, enabling instructional needs to be identified and differentiated early
  • Provides research-based teaching practices, aligned to national standards, such as NAEP, NWEA, SAP, and CCSS
  • Focuses on social, emotional, and academic development with a SEAD Guide explaining the key skills within social and emotional learning

What Are the Key Features?

eTools for Reading Practice
Leveled eBooks come with eTools that help students practice active reading skills, listen to audio versions, and record themselves reading out loud.

Student Self-Evaluation
Automatically populate digital assignments based upon student responses, while providing baseline data upon which to further build students’ personalized learning pathways.

Instructional Goal Sets
Provide a series of research-based practices to help accelerate student learning, fill in learning gaps, and foster social-emotional development.

Lesson Guides
Help teachers scaffold instruction so all students can access grade-level texts with clearly identified teacher actions that positively impact academic growth.

Interactive Practice Opportunities
Provide interactive practice opportunities (Interactivities) for students to address text-dependent questions, constructed responses, and vocabulary.