The Reading Essentials Collection

Leveled and Adaptive Resources to Develop Essential Reading Skills

Reading is the key to all learning, but learning to read can be a challenge for many students. Our Reading Essentials Collection includes Raz-Plus and Headsprout to provide an array of reading resources for PreK-6 grade students.  Whether used for students just learning to read or as a tool for gifted learners the products offered in the Reading Essentials Collection provide the assessment, practice, and instruction students need to acquire and strengthen a spectrum of essential reading skills.

Personalized Instruction

Reading skills are best taught through hands-on instruction. Raz-Plus offers a number of printable and projectable resources designed to enhance reading instruction in whole-class, small-group, or one-to-one environments. With a library of leveled books at 29 different reading levels, worksheets, lesson plans, and activities available in print and digital formats, Raz-Plus makes it easy to personalize instruction for a range of learning levels.

Engaging Practice

In order to refine and improve their reading skills, students must practice each day. Raz-Plus also provides an engaging eLearning environment where students can practice reading developmentally appropriate books in computer-based and mobile formats. Teachers can also digitally assign a number of books and resources to practice foundational skills, close reading, and critical thinking.

Adaptive Learning

Every student learns to read in his/her their own way and at their own pace. The Headsprout reading program provides an entire sequence devoted to teaching children a range of foundational and advanced reading skills. Built-in benchmark assessments ensure that students have achieved mastery before they move on to more advanced skills.