The Foundational Reading Collection

Leveled and Adaptive Resources to Develop Students' Foundational Reading Skills

Reading is the key to all learning, but learning to read can be a challenge for many students. Our Foundational Reading Collection includes Raz-Plus and Headsprout to provide an array of resources that develop students' foundational reading skills. Whether used for students just learning to read or as an intervention tool for struggling readers, the products offered in the Foundational Reading Collection provide the assessment, practice, and instruction students need to acquire and strengthen critical foundational reading skills.

Personalized Instruction

Foundational reading skills are best taught through hands-on instruction. Raz-Plus offers a number of printable and projectable resources designed to enhance teaching foundational reading skills in whole-class, small-group, or one-to-one environments. With a library of leveled books, worksheets, lesson plans, and activities available in print and digital formats, Raz-Plus makes foundational reading instruction more effective and efficient.

Engaging Practice

In order to refine and improve their reading skills, students must practice each day. Raz-Plus also provides an engaging eLearning environment where students can practice reading developmentally appropriate books in computer-based and mobile formats. Teachers can also digitally assign a number of books, including Alphabet Books, Decodable Books, and High-Frequency Word Books, specifically designed for teaching foundational reading skills.

Adaptive Learning

Every student learns to read in their own way and at their own pace. The Headsprout reading program provides an entire sequence devoted to teaching children critical foundational reading skills through engaging episodes that adapt instruction to suit each student's specific learning needs. Built-in benchmark assessments provide assurance that students have achieved mastery before they move on to more advanced skills.