Writing A-Z Write Your Way

Learn How Students Use Writing A-Z's Write Your Way Tool to Draft Various Compositions

Writing A-Z's Write Your Way tool is an online tool students use to create a number of short compositions like essays, journals, and free writes. Watch this video to see how the Write Your Way tool improves students' daily writing experience.

With Writing A-Z’s Write Your Way, students can easily write quick, daily compositions, gaining valuable practice that research shows improves writing AND reading.

Write Your Way makes it easy for students to get started right away without the need for a digital assignment.

You can also easily create assignments to address a particular topic or skill.

Write Your Way is designed to meet the needs of students at all writing levels from emergent writers who draw pictures and label them to beginning through fluent writers who develop varying levels of creative essays.

Write Your Way can be used for a variety of daily writing experiences, such as journaling, free-writing, quick essays, and writing responses to reading.

Have students do paper-pencil activities online to save paper and time.

Write Your Way contains drawing and coloring tools to help students illustrate their writing.

Daily writing from Write Your Way can quickly be reviewed in your teacher in-basket. From your in-basket, you become publisher when you choose to place student writing in the Kids' Writing Library. In the Kids' Writing Library,students in your class can read each others' writing. You also have the option to download a PDF of a student’s writing and print a copy for the student.

Get your students writing their way today!

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