Writing A-Z Build-A-Book

Learn About How Students Use Writing A-Z's Build-A-Book Tool to Create Creative Illustrated Books

Writing A-Z's Build-A-Book tool is an interactive online resource students use to draft and submit creative books and stories online. Watch this video to see how the Build-A-Book tool helps spark students' creativity.

With Writing A-Z’s Build-A-Book, students create their own full-color, online books.

Build-A-Book can easily be used for students to write independently or you can give them assignments by choosing what you want students to do.

The Build-A-Book tool can be used with students at the Emergent level all the way up to a Fluent writing level and includes developmentally appropriate editing tools to use to create up to a 36-page book.

Build-A-Book offers a library of hundreds of images to spark ideas and help students illustrate their books.

Build-A-Book also supports four important steps of the writing process with prewriting, drafting, revision, and publication to the Kids Writing Library.

When students finish a book, they submit it to your teacher In Basket, where you can easily review and score it.

From your In Basket, you become publisher when you choose to place student writing in the Kids Writing Library.

In the Kids Writing Library, students in your class can read each other's writing. You also have the option to download a PDF of a student’s writing and print a copy for the student.

Build-A-Book allows students to exercise their creativity as they select images and write text to design their own books.

Get them started with Build-A-Book!

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