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You’re Invited to the New Science A-Z Discovery Museum

Watch this video to learn more about the grand opening of the Science A-Z Discovery Museum, a new virtual experience for K–6 educators. Take a sneak peek at the interactive Museum Map that guides you through each exhibit stocked full of free Science A-Z resources including:

  • Leveled Non-Fiction Books
  • Project-Based Learning Packs
  • Lesson Plans
  • Hands-On Investigations
  • More Resources!

You're invited to the grand opening of the Science A to Z Discovery Museum, a new virtual experience for K–6 educators. Admission is free, and includes instructional science resources and activities to try out in your classroom.

Upon arrival, our visitor center staff will greet you with a handy map to navigate through all of the exhibits within the museum. Each exhibit is stocked full of free resources provided by Science A to Z, a supplemental K–6 science curriculum that supports literacy development, as well as scientific discovery. Resources include leveled non-fiction books, project-based learning packs, lesson plans, hands-on investigations, and more.

RSVP for your museum visit today, and discover firsthand how Science A to Z can help you inspire the next generation of young scientists, inventors and explorers.

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