Headsprout: Melina and Lupita's Story

First Grade Student Lupita Loves to Read with Headsprout

First grade student Lupita and her mother Melina share their experience with the Headsprout reading program. Watch their testimonial to hear how Lupita improved her reading proficiency using Headsprout, both in the classroom and at home.

Hi. My name is Melina, and this my daughter, Lupita. She's a first grader. She's always been a good reader, but she really didn't express herself when reading sentences.

The teacher told us about Headsprout, you know, that we could do it at home as well. And now, like, within a month, I noticed that she just started, you know, like, expressing herself. And I would just see, "Mom! I got another star! Oh, I'm doing this level." And I would run over there and I was, like, what? Because this is too fast. Like, she cannot be doing this that fast. I was, like, "Lupita, you're doing so good!" Now she's just trying to read everything, like our bill, she started reading my text messages. It's just, like, oh my gosh, I don't read my messages.

Headsprout is kind of like a game. It helps you learn and read, and to do a lot of fun stuff. It's a useful tool, because it's challenging. And it awards them with those little stars every time they reach a certain level. And I love it, because for us, we can use it at home. And it's just, I love watching her use a computer and being rewarded, and her enjoying it, like, "Oh, mom, I can read this now!" I'm just, like, "That's awesome!"

I would recommend Headsprout to any family, any child that's struggling with reading, because it's such an awesome program. And, I mean, my daughter has learned so much in these last couple of months, and it's, like, I love it. How it's even brought us closer together, it makes me so proud of her, because, I mean, because she just so encouraged, and feels -- and it's a blessing.

[CRYING] You're starting to cry. Yes, I'm starting to cry, because it just makes me proud as a parent. I'm, like, wow, this program is really touching them to where they're confident enough. And it's just not -- I mean, it's -- I'm proud of her. It makes me proud to make them proud.

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