Raz-Plus Trial Adventure Trailer

Introducing Our New Interactive Multimedia Experience

The Raz-Plus Trial Adventure is an interactive multimedia experience that provides educators with an exploration of Raz-Plus – including video tours, hands-on product exploration, product guides, and more. This trailer provides a sneak peek into this exciting adventure that will make using Raz-Plus in your classroom a breeze.

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Explore a world where teachers can access lesson plans, leveled resources, and personalized reading practice for their students, all in one place.

Welcome to the Raz Plus Trial Adventure! Your journey starts NOW! ...

You won’t be alone on your travels... The always helpful, Professor Ed will be your guide.

Follow your Mission Map through the amazing world of Raz-Plus. Visit points of interest along the way. Gather badges for your Adventure Journal as you complete Raz-Plus lessons

When you earn a badge, you are entered into a drawing for a free subscription. The more badges you collect, the better chance you’ll have to win!

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